Industrial growth vs Environmental Care cannot go hand in hand

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26 May, 2017
Industrial Growth Vs Environmental Care
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Industrial growth vs Environmental Care can it go hand in hand?. We cannot be denied of our material and industrial growth but should that happen at the cost of our environment. Off course it is important to satisfy people’s basic needs. But does this mean only on industrial level? Isn’t environment important too?

Like we all know environment is a basic of all the economic developments, infact resources are sourced from the nature. Is the nation’s development blowing with environment issues? Will India strike a balance in three fronts of economy, energy and environment?

Industrial growth have axed many trees, destroyed eco system, bird or animals neither have place to live. Encroachment has led to drastic imbalance. At the same time one can’t live without industrial growth.

Industrial growth vs Environmental Care – Industrial developments takes care of million people this is more important than saving natural resources anyways most of them are renewable. Definitely we can’t expect developing nations stop on the battle for survival.

Obviously the world would get well if we all stick to certain environmental rules. In reality many of the rules are not in their interests during the developmental activities.

On the other side scientific advancements have made industries less polluting. Industrial growth doesn’t have to be under pressure on the environment.

Never to forget one should learn to balance the act between development and environment. For example, adopt few alternatives – like nuclear plants can generate more energy compared to coal while contributing less to global warming while such nuclear plants has its own challenges, if managed well enough.

Nuclear power plants do not emit any carbon dioxide, mercury, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, or say any other toxic gas like coal-burning plants.

We all are exploring alternatives at the same time how effectively are they implemented or managed under the laws. We have number of out broken laws and regulations that have disturbed eco system drastically.

If this is the case will have no place to live factors like air pollution, water pollution, climate change will affect the whole planet, not just the developed nations. In this case natural disasters become more common.

Instead of all this a sustainable development can balance both the act countries need to transfer greener technologies, paying way for environmental protection and sustainability. Remember we all are living in an eco system everything that needs to be balanced equally. If not they are sure destroy everything under the planet.

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