Social Networking – Is it useful or waste of time?

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24 May, 2017
Social Networking - Is it useful or waste of time
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Social networking has become part of our life. Is it useful or waste of time? Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace have become is next to our daily activity. Most of us are addicted to these sites. We have heard everything from the fact on how young generation spend their productive time on social networking and also on the fact as to how some people lose their jobs due to some postings on sites. So this leads to question- are social networking sites useful or waste of time?

Social networking sites are a virtual platform. It provides users to show case their talents and promote business too. Advertisements and business pages are very common on social networking sites to own popularity, familiarity and meet all the business strategies.

Apart from this user can connect to friends, people, families and professionals. It’s nice to socialize and be in touch with people but to what extent?

It’s not so uncommon for young people to indulge in social networking sites. Internet has become part of their life. Addiction to social networking sites is common. It’s so habitual to get updates on everything often from the place people visit, date, marry or share something helpful or important.

A person might feel out casted if he/she doesn’t hold an account in social networking sites.

We share, gossip and listen to all the Facebook updates without really doing anything. There are so many people checking the accounts right in the morning.

We are spending most of the time worrying about other people’s updates. At the same time something productive like studying or cleaning a room could have been done.

Social networking sites are used for commercial purpose. It’s not unusual to see the advertisements on the sites. Many cooperate sectors; businessmen take advantage of these sites to create their own profiles.

At the same time people make use of these sites for the wrong reasons like fake news, how read on the newspapers and other platforms.

At workplaces, college’s social networking sites have a risk. Employees using Facebook when they are working and students use what’s app or hi5 in classroom are not a new trend.

Most of these places social networking sites are distracting them from the quality of work. Valuable minutes are wasted on these sites when they are supposing to work and studying.

Like anything else each of these sites has their own advantages and disadvantages- It depends on the way we use them. Infact these sets have great ability to improve both and degrade anybody or the society itself. Accordingly it all depends on the users.

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