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  • Does daily revision of fuel prices help the common man?

    0 replies
    17 Oct, 2017
    Does daily revision of fuel prices help the common man?

    How does the daily revision of fuel prices help the common man? State-run fuel retailers like Hindustan Petroleum, Indian oil, and Bharat petroleum revise petrol rates on 1st and 16th of every month based on the international prices in the preceding ...

  • Why contestants join Big Boss what benefits do viewers get watching Big Boss?

    0 replies
    10 Oct, 2017
    Why contestants join Big Boss what benefits do viewers get watching Big Boss?

    What makes the Big Boss contestants agree to get locked inside the Big Boss house and share the common roof with strangers for months with the complete isolation? Why does someone even love to get spying on them? Perhaps the Indian version of Big Bos...

  • Patriotism is a positive thing – National anthem at cinema halls a good move

    0 replies
    11 Jul, 2017
    Patriotism Positive thing

    Patriotism comes out of respect and love for one’s nation. Well is playing national anthem in Movie Theater is a positive move. Should the sacred tone of a national anthem played in a theater too? How about the other formal places? Standing up for ...

  • Industrial growth vs Environmental Care cannot go hand in hand

    1 replies
    26 May, 2017
    Industrial Growth Vs Environmental Care

    Industrial growth vs Environmental Care can it go hand in hand?. We cannot be denied of our material and industrial growth but should that happen at the cost of our environment. Off course it is important to satisfy people’s basic needs. But does t...

  • Should Caste Based Reservation exist in India !

    0 replies
    24 May, 2017
    Should cast based Reservation Exist

    Can there be a reform on Reservation. We live in a country that has a gifted democracy to us. Our country hints on providing complete freedom in an equitable manner. However today there are many roadblocks to this equality under the reservation syste...

  • Entering Politics should have cap on qualification yes or No?

    0 replies
    19 May, 2017
    Education necessary for a politician

    Entering Politics should have cap on qualification. It is shocking to see that many politicians have failed to shine in their academics. On the other hand some politicians have marked success irrespective of their educational qualification. Today...

  • Why did Tata Nano devised for burgeoning middle classes fail?

    0 replies
    17 May, 2017
    Tata Nano Devised for Middle Classes Fail

    Tata Nano popularly known as people’s car, nine years ago came as a highly expected car to roll under success. It was exactly launched when Maruti Suzuki was pondering on discontinuing the than cheapest car of Indian product Maruti Suzuki 800. ...

  • Should India explore and innovate to tackle Donald Trump’s anti-outsourcing reform

    0 replies
    15 May, 2017
    Anti-outsourcing reform India explore innovate

    What is your take on Donald Trump's anti-outsourcing reform? Donald Trump is found of embedded controversies. This time it’s bit different as the US president has called for "buy American and hire American" seems like a biggest reason for the India...

  • Nuclear weapon spending – is devastating public resourcesEvery nation is flexing muscles on nuclear capabilities – Shouldn’t they invest on education and food

    1 replies
    08 Apr, 2017

    As hundreds and millions of people go hungry every day the armed nations spend millions and billions a day to build their nuclear forces. These productions, maintenance and testing have diverted all our minds from providing basic resources to the pub...

  • Ban Liquor shops near highways – Consequential fatalities

    0 replies
    01 Apr, 2017

    With the liquor shops on national and state highways slated from April 1 as per Supreme Court’s order to be closed has led to many consequential fatalities. Ban Liquor shops near highways is a good move but a ban in a single phase may not yield goo...

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