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Health and Wellness, tending topics of mind and spirit of living, Intellecttual, Spiritual, Fitness, Occupational and emotional well being of a person in any relationship. Live well and be happy citizen to achieve maximum benefits - Join - Debate - Connect & Share your views on issues to solve by thoughful conversation.

  • How to balance with smoking and consider healthy lifestyle?

    0 replies
    10 Oct, 2017
    How to balance with smoking and consider healthy lifestyle?

    Does balanced smoking actually help? While lots of people battle towards the healthy lifestyle modifications. People try everything possible from consuming green juicing, exercising, nonsmoking, health food to junk food. I agree with them- what shock...

  • How should the child’s behavioral problems approached?

    0 replies
    22 Sep, 2017
    child’s behavioral problems

    child behavioral problems you shouldn't ignore. If your child acts out of control you must have probably felt the child is acting inappropriately. Once a kindergartner becomes a child and plays rough or acts in his own way’, parents often find faul...

  • Rise of Junk food corners contribute to child Obesity?

    2 replies
    27 Jun, 2017
    Rise of Junk food corners

    Fast food chain is gaining popularity in Indian families. Every junction of our city is filled with junk food corners. This junk food has become an important dietary menu for children. Availability of junk food is included everywhere. Cold drinks...

  • Childhood is the happiest part of Life

    0 replies
    26 Jun, 2017
    Childhood is the happiest part of Life

    About Childhood there are many instances that make us feel happy and sad equally. There are parts of life in which everything we need was there and that was the best time of our lives. If we at all think for few a minute some of us will definitel...

  • Average life span of waste materials to decompose

    0 replies
    26 Jun, 2017
    Average life span of waste materials to decompose

    On daily basis earth is exposed to all the harmful, toxic, non-degradable substances. Did you know every waste materials takes its own time to decompose. Unfortunately, we still fail to find the end solution or use the alternatives. Have you ever ask...

  • Weight loss is an individual responsibility for personality – Yes or No?

    1 replies
    24 Jun, 2017
    Weight loss is an individual responsibility for personality

    What is the major cause for weight gain? Although there are many reasons to gain weight but the rigorous concept of individual responsibility matters in cases such as obesity, wrong diets, junk foods and so on. Eating too much or wrong dieting habits...

  • Companies related to Diet food products – Are here to make profit or help people?

    0 replies
    22 May, 2017
    Diet Food Supplement

    Are all companies related to diet food supplements are genuinely good for health? For years we all have cycled through one brand to another each of them promising to lose weight or gain weight. With the number of products bombarded in the market at s...

  • Vegetarian vs Non Vegetarian what is good for you?

    0 replies
    16 May, 2017
    vegetarian vs non vegetarian diet

    The ongoing discussions on vegetarian vs non vegetarian diet is never ending. People are so much confused on what seems to be healthy. Well say a person is introduced to the diet choices based on his/her culture, religion and other identities since t...

  • Pollution is hurting – Are alternative energy effective?

    0 replies
    07 Apr, 2017

    Pollution is hurting every living thing on the earth. Are we as human race responsible for causing the pollution. Can alternative energy be effective. Air Pollution, water and land pollution are endangering the birds and animals around us. I was so t...

  • Snack smart! Health advantage of popcorn

    0 replies
    06 Apr, 2017

    Some snacks are healthy I mean popcorn's are healthy! This time you can absolutely enjoy snacking on those yummy popcorn's here is why! This whole grain food can be eaten as part of healthy diet that includes six servings of grains every day. Air pop...

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