Pollution is hurting – Are alternative energy effective?

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07 Apr, 2017
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Pollution is hurting every living thing on the earth. Are we as human race responsible for causing the pollution. Can alternative energy be effective. Air Pollution, water and land pollution are endangering the birds and animals around us. I was so touched by this film by Chris Jordan. Hundreds of Birds die consuming plastic as food. Who is responsible?

The world is facing the greatest problems of pollution, which is increasing every single day causing irreparable damage to the earth. Climate change and diminishing fossil fuels are the biggest challenges facing the planet.

In order to secure future for ourselves and generations, it is important for us to reduce the energy consumption and cut greenhouse gases. Yes, there needs to be Industrial growth but with strict rules and regulations in place. These are not just harming environment but affecting our health too.

If someone says that you could save 2.5 million and 3 million lives a year that can halt globe warming, by reducing air pollution and water pollution by developing the most secured and reliable energy with the existing technology at cost effectiveness with what we spend for energy today- why shouldn’t we do it? We can accomplish all that by forgoing fossil fuels.

Carbon dioxide that is released to the earth’s atmosphere stays there for hundred years these raising the warmth of our planet causing global warming one answer to global warming is to replace all the current technologies with the alternatives that have better performance but one that don’t emit carbon dioxide.

Here is how the world runs largely on electricity awaited plan calls alternatives for using wind and solar energy to generate power but, how effective are they? Can we depend on all these natural alternatives all the time? Take for example homes would be cooled and warmed with electric heaters no more natural gas or coal and water would be preheated by the sun.

However the efficiency of the alternative energy is a biggest concern, for example solar energy is dependent on sun rays but the technological developments in the solar energy like Photo-voltaic or solar-electric, systems capture light energy from the sun’s rays and convert it into electricity.

Today these solar units power everything from small homes to large office buildings. So many of these problems have been addressed with some recent developments in the renewable energy technology.



Alternative energy needs some effective solution?

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