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News Topics is not a section for regular news. But curated news topics which is real issue in society with some unique opinions, perspective and thoughts that would help change perspective of news. Progressive thoughts and sentiments of democratice values. Trending Local and Global News, about Unsung Heroes- Join - Debate - Connect & Share your views on issues to solve by thoughful conversation.

  • Dangerous Online Games-How to Protect Our Youth?

    0 replies
    24 Oct, 2017
    Dangerous Online Games-How to Protect Our Youth?

    Teenage online games are trending around the world. Online Games like Blue whale and slender man is causing anxiety among the parents. The sadist part is that youths are unable to differentiate between online manipulation and real life. To some exten...

  • Why contestants join Big Boss what benefits do viewers get watching Big Boss?

    0 replies
    10 Oct, 2017
    Why contestants join Big Boss what benefits do viewers get watching Big Boss?

    What makes the Big Boss contestants agree to get locked inside the Big Boss house and share the common roof with strangers for months with the complete isolation? Why does someone even love to get spying on them? Perhaps the Indian version of Big Bos...

  • Celebrities or Sports icons – Which of these entertainment sector stars has short career span?

    0 replies
    26 Jun, 2017
    Entertainment sector stars has short career span

    Entertainment sectors have no end! But entertainment sector stars has short career span. We all love watching star on live shows, movies, soap operas etc. With the lovable outfits, acting, glamour they entertain a lot. In between all this did yo...

  • Can we create a better platform for good cinemas and How?

    0 replies
    18 May, 2017
    Platform for Good Cinemas

    We need better platform for good cinemas. India produces about 1,000 movies per year. This is exactly double the number of films released by Hollywood counterparts. India is one among the few countries that doesn’t allow Hollywood to sway supre...

  • Advertising swoon Women in Media – Way to objectifying?

    1 replies
    13 May, 2017
    Advertising Swoon Women in Media

    Advertising exactly prove this right. Women are told to look like women the logic remains the same from the early age. They aim on perfect skin, body, hair, incredible shapes and curves. As the entertainment media is booming. Some media platforms ...

  • How effectively is television building the minds of children?

    1 replies
    09 Apr, 2017

    Is television good or bad for children in building their minds. Just like phone, television is a wonderful gift by science, catering the daily requirements everything around the world is updated on this set. Well children’s are the ones who enjoy v...

  • Did success make standup comedian Kapil Sharma arrogant?

    0 replies
    29 Mar, 2017

    Image from Jagjit Singh Parhar YouTube Amritsar to Mumbai Kapil Sharma shows can drive us crazy, spill with laughter’s and what not. Here is what you have to know how future looks blur for Kapil Sharma after the mid air spat that happened in Mel...

  • Is Bahubali conclusion worth the wait! At the pre-release event of Baahubali 2: The Conclusion in Hyderabad, Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar declared it as one of the greatest film ever. Apart from conclusion Bahubali do have some major tasks to shell out

    3 replies
    28 Mar, 2017

    Image from Baahubali 2 - The Conclusion Trailer YouTube A highly anticipated movie Bahubali released back in 2015, left us with the haunted question why Kattappa killed Bahubali? We are much closer to get the answer that has been buzzing in our mi...

  • Kannada Movie Villains Anil & Uday die in Mastigudi climax for real

    0 replies
    09 Nov, 2016
    Mastigudi Climax Shooting-two-stunt-artist-die

    Image from Mastigudi Climax Shooting Public TV News Clip Meaningless and pointless stunt killed 2 budding actors Anil and Uday in Mastigudi climax shooting. How can a renowned stunt director like Ravi Verma say action without taking any precaution...

  • Controversies over Karan Johar’s latest movie Release of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’

    0 replies
    20 Oct, 2016

    Image from wikipedia 'Karan at 61st Filmfare Awards in 2016' I do like Karan Johar style of movie making to some extent only as for his larger than life portraying characters in his movies. But in real the filmmaker is garnering mushkils for himse...

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