Education is a business these days -“Do You Think So?”

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08 Apr, 2017
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Education is a business these days already due to some unethical reason. Institutes have become commercial for profit-making. There are number of reasons as to why parents are willing to pay high fees to admit their children to the popular educational institutions. As the government spends less on higher education system with lack of funds invested and infrastructure to cope up the demands has led to establishments of many private institutions with an aim to earn high.

Education is an element to empower human race to sustain life. Change in educational system is quiet evident from traditional Gurukuls to present day classes in architecture modern buildings, technologies and facilities etc. Education is a business these days -“Do You Think So?”

However one thing that pricks the conscious is the business factor involved in the field. Now education has become a business with the business parties in this sector. At the present day situation not everyone can enter institutions easily for the immediate effects we have to pay donations, fees structure, and merits well government as to keep the check on the wrongs of the business minds in the educational sectors. Commercialization of education as many of the private educational institutions are making money, every time Income Tax Department officials conduct raids they end up seizing crores of rupees.

This shows how education has become a business apart from schools. Students are enrolling for engineering and medical courses against their will. This is due to less on the choices to meet the financial needs, the private institutions look for capitation and higher fee structure. Apart from that, the mindset of the teaching staff has also changed over the years. Many of us still very vividly recollect our teachers and lament the present falling standards. Commercialization is the main reason behind it. Though the issue had been discussed at various levels by the educationalists and planners, it is sad and unfortunate that nothing much is being done to change the situation.


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