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02 Mar, 2018
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World’s top holiday destinations is Malaysia, is filled with a wide variety of attractions. From breathtaking islands to beaches to enhance the rich culture preserved treasures to fascinating nature reserves and adventures, from local cuisines to hotspot of Malaysia.

We have handpicked the best 10 must visit places in Malaysia:

Whatever the reason could be to visit Malaysia – Say a romantic gateway, fun filled holiday or a retreat at the nature’s heart- Malaysia has this all.

Yes! There are lots of things to see and discover in Malaysia if you don’t have time to visit the entire place and confused to pick the right place. We will help you planning the best budget based memorable trip to Malaysia.


Landing to a height of 451.9 meters, 88 storey twin structure in Kuala Lumpur is must visit place. It’s a crown jewel for the whole of Kuala lumpur.

Watch the sparkling beauty of the petronas twin Towers during the night. Inspired by Tun Mahathir Mohammad’s vision for Malaysia.

It is said to be the tallest buildings in the world starting from 1998 to 2004 and still remains tallest twin towers in the world. Visit the tower twice at the day time and at night.

Offcourse, You must take pictures at the largest towers at the background. Go around watch the malls, shop and relax at the park behind the tower and never miss aquarium, philharmonic hall and enjoy the view of Malaysia.


You must watch this, one of the famous platforms used in movies to highlight Malaysia. This is made up of three main limestone caves, Batu caves consists of temples and Hindu shrines. It includes the big statue of lord Subramanian.

Thousands of tourists and worshippers visit this place. The annual Hindu festival is the feast for your eyes.

Muruga at the entrance stands beside a step 272 climb up its steps to finally view the stunning skyline of the city centre. Visit Ramayana cave watch paintings and scenes of Hindu gods and much more.

Visit Batu Caves during the mid of January to mid of February.


Watch the best beauty of Kinabalu Park in Malaysia. Kinabalu Park is Malaysia’s first UNESCO world Heritage Site and home for the largest Malaysia’s highest mountain, Mount Kinabalu.

The most important biological sites in the world which has more than 4,500 species of flora and fauna including 326 birds and 100 mammal species it’s a beautiful eye spot on earth. Challenge yourself to scale up on Mount Kinabalu.

You can take a refreshing break at the nearby poring hot spring. Go mountain biking and jungle trekking. I bet you will love it.


Tioman Island is a small island located in 56 kilometers off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Pahang. It’s one of the world’s best beach getaways.

The densely forested island is sparsely inhabited, and you can watch the coral reefs, making it a popular scuba diving spot.

You can use the delight in swimming alongside huge Napoleon Wrasse, Golden striped Trevally and shoals of Fusiliers. What all you can do?

You can go diving at one of the dive sites around the island and you will love it. Go to islands hopping to other islands within the marine park. Also check similar places to travel here are Top 10 must see places in USA

Indulge in water sports, like boating, wind surfing and much more. Have a look at the charming local villages and go jungle trekking, mount climbing or rock climbing.


Cameron highland is Malaysia’s largest highland resort located on the Titiwangsa Range which is 1,500 meters above sea level. There are many relaxing activities you can walk through beautiful villages, visit butterfly, strawberry, honey bee farms and sprawling tea plantations or have delightful meals.

Chill out the cool weather and try all the activities. Visit the tea plantation and check out the tea making process. Offcourse you can take some strawberries home won’t you love it. Walk across the relaxing delightful forest.


National park near Miri, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo Gunung Mulu is the best. This park is listed under UNESCO world heritage site in November 2000. It is home to all the natural treasures, which includes all the razor sharp limestone spikes if you know pinnacles then you can check this place out.

You can watch the world’s largest cave chamber which can fit 747 aircrafts in Sarawak Chamber. One of the deer cave is must watch the world second largest cave passage.

Don’t you miss to watch. Watch the main four caves: Deer, Lang, Clearwater and Wind. Go walk along the 480 metres Mulu Canopy skywalk.


Tunku marine park is located in Gaya Bay it’s named after Malaysia’s first prime minister. If you want to watch the naturally beauty with sparkling water bodies and park this is the place.

You can watch coral beauties and aquatic species making a splendid appearance. You can go diving to watch these beauties.

Comprising of 5 islands each has lots of flora and fauna. Go swimming, diving and jet skiing. Try island hopping between the delicious beauty and water land. Won’t you love that!


Pangkor Island is a resort island at the coast of perak, Malaysia. This is the best place to watch the white sandy beach with lots of flora and fauna. Walk across the village’s island you will see the charming fishing places.

There are many historical Dutch fort and traditional boatyards. Go swimming, fishing and boating built with the traditional boatyards I bet you will love going the across the beach.


Just off the coast of Kedah, Langkawi its part of an archipelago of 99 tropical islands. It’s a fulfilled with natural beauty with astounding geological heritage, with more than 500 million years history.

For the best place to intimate with nature, go trekking through the rainforest covers most of Langkawi or try the boat tours.

There are chances to dive, play around the golf. Enjoy all the yatching, sailing and jet skiing and go jungle trekking and go across the wildlife park.


Sipadan Island is the world’s best diving sutes, it’s a magical truly breathtaking natural water beauty. Situated at the Indo Pacific Basin, the centre of the world’s richest marine habitat, with several exciting dive spots you can see the awesome Hanging Gardens and the Turtle Cavern.

Get the most thrilling features in the Drop off, with knee high water suddenly and explore the islands of underwater beauty. Try watching the spots of birds and Go Island hopping you must visit this place.

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