Are Humans responsible for animals extinction?

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27 Dec, 2017
Are Humans responsible for Animals extinction?
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Are we humans responsible for Animals extinction? In just 500 years about 322 animals, species, birds, mammals and reptiles are extinct due to human activities.

The recent issues of the journal science took a close look at animals extinction that has disappeared in the hands of humans.

Animals extinction is threatened by human caused animal extinction activities.

Our population is doubled in size over past 35 years.

Many scientists, zoologists and environmentalist believe that we need urgent steps to stem the loss if it reaches the tip we may never get a chance to recover.

An alarming number of butterflies, worms and animals are decreased by 45%. Since last 35 years, human population has doubled.

The most famous mass extinction in the history took place around 252 million years ago, about 90% of marine life and 70% terrestrial life, this might repeat soon this time disaster is us.

We are in the midst of 6th mass extinction

According to the international union for the conservation of nature, another 20,000 and more animals are on the verge extinction.

From the passenger pigeon to Tasmanian tiger and baiji dolphin we are killing animals at a high rate.

Today we hear the bustling noise of all the automobiles and other activities.

The pleasant sparrows chattering and perching are no more available. House sparrows are nowhere found today. This question is bothering us.

Even before we achieved civilization, we have helped to hunt some of the largest animals extinction including mammoths and giant sloths to extinction, with the extensive use of fossil fuels over last century we have caused huge destruction to climate.

Utilizing every inch of land for cities, the food we exploit the resources without alternatives.

Alternative energy can patch all the pollution and environmental destruction. We are forgoing sustainable measures; increased use of resources is causing deforestation. INT

Animals, plants and unsustainable conditions are harming the planet one of the best examples is the recent air pollution caused in Delhi.

The current extinction is rated 1,000 times faster than before, we are in midst of fastest extinction.

As species are disappearing there’s a critical loss of ecosystem in which they play a central role.

Measures to protect the earth’s inhabitants

We are reaching a global tipping point. Keeping animals healthy isn’t easy when we are surrounded by problems.

We humans also need facilities and better lifestyle but sustainable use is a solution. We are overusing resources without alternatives.

We are threatening the ecosystem’s stability.

Despite all the requirements, there are steps that can be taken to correct the harm that we have caused.

Nature tourism is a big business. Studies have shown that animals extinction are proven with activities like whale watching, shark watching and fish spotting supporting many jobs, generating dollars of profit for a massive economic growth.

Conservation also plays an important role to restore populations and protect the disappearing species.

We all have to curb the hazardous practices that are disturbing their natural habitats causing animals extinction. Nonetheless, there is still hope, but are we ready to make the necessary changes or blindly continue to cause harm, until it’s too late to solve the problem of animals extinction?


Are Humans responsible for animal extinctions?

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