Best Places to Visit in UK – Must See places in London

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02 Mar, 2018
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London is one of the most visited places in the world. Great Britain offers endless places to see and do. There is so much of beauty in UK with fascinating cities and rich heritage UK is perfect holiday trip. It’s not easy to pick the top places in UK- We will help you.

England is a popular tourist destination with well connected trains and buses. Or you can drive around with well planned motorways. Whether you travel by car or taxi, you’re guaranteed a fantastic experience. Here are 10 charming places to visit in UK.


Stonehenge is one of the marvelous wonders of the world. Although no one knows who built it. The monument has a history of 4,500 years. It’s believed that Stonehenge was built from human sacrifice to astronomy.

It’s a prehistoric structure in English country of Wiltshire, 8 miles north of Salisbury just two and half hour’s drive from London. The great Stonehenge draws thousands of visitors per year and several people gather in summer to watch the sunrise won’t you love it.

Although the site suffers from weather damage and human steal of its rock, it is still a break taking sight and one of the must visit place in UK.

You can watch a permanent exhibition of some 250 prehistoric objects many which are unseen. You can chill out watching some special exhibitions, café and shop.

Durdle Door, England

Dorset’s Durdle Door is an iconic cove a magnificent limestone arch branching from clear aquamarine green waters of sea.

Yes, its Jurassic Coast if you love fossils and historic things, this place is for you. And off course the beach. The arch is a natural limestone formed thousand years ago sweeping around headland.

Curving from the arch the sand and the beach at Durdle Door is backed by limestone cliff of Jurassic coast. You will lobe to see the fossils and belemnites and occasionally rock falls here. The crystal water is super tempting. It’s a beautiful spot to it’s a spectacular view.

Look for layers on cliffs formed from limestone vertically crossing out of sea. Usually these layers of limestone would be horizontal. Due to geology the rocks are altered and branched well.

Lake District National Park

The Lake District is England’s largest park. Watch the highest mountain and wastewater, the deepest lake. Offcourse, romantic boat cruise around the Windermere is super relaxing.

The gleaming lakes, rolling hills, rocky mountain and market towns: These lakes are inspired for many poets like Shelley and Wordsworth that’s why it’s favorite national park.

Take to water on steamboat on lake wonder mere, sailing across England’s highest peak, or you can check out for Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage. The mountains and lakes from landscape are wonderful.

Pembroke Shire Coast

The Pembroke shire coast path is world’s great walking trails. National Geographic ranked it second largest in the world. The wild nature landscape stretch across the coastline of UK’s National park. This is ideal for walking across the coastline with beaches, sleepy fishing village and some beautiful sights.

Watch the Atlantic waves crashing sea caves. The beautiful nature, bird watchers and lovers will love the rich diversity of wildlife. Sea birds and offshore islands and amazing flowers and plants can be seen at all times a year.

St Ives Bay, Cornwall, England

St Ives Bay, has won national award for best holiday destination. The beach is seemingly subtropical, the beach is golden filled with greenery and the light piercingly bright. The natural beauty captures many hearts. It’s a wonderful spot for greatest painters, sculptors and ceramists. Offcourse UK is known for historical places and need to go there.

You can find lots of galleries, exhibitions, fantastic surf at porthminster beach. You can take a breathtaking twenty minutes train ride on beauty line of St Ives and you can spot the colorful fishing boats coming to harbor. Offcourse you can chill out in the beach and get inspired by the dreamy view of Godrevy lighthouse.

Tower of London

If you want to watch prison, palace, treasure and menagerie- tower of London is the place. It’s considered as the most important building in England, there is enough to see at this World Heritage Site keeping the visitors busy.

The white tower the centerpiece is attractive. It was built in 1078, don’t you want to watch. It’s home for amazing exhibits such as line of kings, display of royal armor.

Other attraction to the wonder is crown jewels exhibition, classic Yeoman Warder Tours, the Royal mint and exhibits and displays. The tower occupies about 18 acres; it’s a great place to explore.

Travel to Cotswold’s

I bet a visit to Cotswold’s is a perfect opportunity to experience the glimpse of beautiful nature. You can relax and unwind the beautiful Cotswolds. A day out here is relaxing, exciting and thrilling attraction for all the leisure activities to keep you entertained.

Step into the colorful towns and villages of Cotswolds in the heart of England. The town is all honey colored. The area covers 800 square miles of across five countries – It’s the largest and outstanding natural beauty of England with 38 Areas.

This countryside walk in rolling hills, you can sleep in poster bed in country hostel or around postcard villages and towns. You can take a crust of bread for ducks; go Bibury, Broadway, upper and lower slaughters.

Hadrian’s Wall

If you want to explore alongside ghosts of roman soldiers, ancient temples and crumbling forts Hadrian’s Wall is the place. Along with this here are some Top 10 must visit place in Malaysia

You can step back to 2000 years of England by exploring Hadrian’s Wall. The wall crosses from historic landscape that is the secrets of the region’s turbulent past.

For around three centuries it holds on with multi colored green belt. Explore bath houses, diversified landscape with classic backdrop. Ramparts and forts across the beautiful Hadrian ’s Wall.

You can visit galleries and museums and watch the uncover fresh details of Roman Britain right in front of your eyes. However, this wall is unique and is one of the must see monuments and best place to experience.

Jersey, Channel Islands

Why Jersey shore yes because it looks different in the Channel Islands. You can watch the UK annual battle of flowers, partying smell of carnival that culminates the moonlight parade.

You can watch surfers, drivers and sailors will find plenty of love for active watersports scene.
You can go touring the caves, cliffs and crags.

An island shaped by sea where you can see the most astonishing tides in the world circle and feed the land. An island that is small in size, with the open cliff top views and sea is more than minutes away.

This island is packed with activities to explore and experience life. Get go escape being in this island.

Westminster Bridge

You must never miss the Westminster Bridge in London. The oldest bridge of London’s River Thames. Walk across the bridge and admire the view of London and see the iconic South Bank lion. Never forget to watch the bridge color, the iron details of the bridge is well designed.

You can walk and across the bridge watching the London bridge. Look upstream, and watch the Lambeth Bridge, colored red match the seats in house of lords.

Downstream, spot the Hungerford rail bridge and London Eye’s capsules. It will be the best to watch here at night, with enhancing surrounding landmarks against the dark sky. It’s one of the most memorable sites to watch out.

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