Impact of Chinese goods over Indian goods

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24 Jun, 2017
Made in China - Impact of Chinese goods
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‘Made in china’ a common label found on every product in India – Impact of Chinese goods. Be it toys, gadgets, water bottles you will surely find the Chinese version of it.

The every sentimental ‘made in china’ label is capturing all the segments of the Indian market such as textiles, garments, electrical goods, toys, gadgets etc at much cheaper price compared to Indian stuffs.

It’s sad to promote our own Indian products under ‘made in India product’. Chinese products found in Indian market are drastically affecting the Indian units.

Beyond affecting the domestic business they are displeasing export markets too. The price of Chinese goods are lower compared to Indian products features like low price, favorable features of these take over Indian products.

Chinese products are low on quality for example last year Chinese crackers were banned in India due to excessive use of Sulpur. Many industries are now facing the heat due to Chinese products.

Their price scheme attracts lots of buyers which in reality affects the revenue of the Indian industry. Apart from this toy industries are so much affected by Chinese version.

How Local Industry is affected

What happened to all our channapatna toy units? China is the second largest exporter fact is that china buys raw material from across the world produce products back to the same world. Their export friendly, price, relatively low labor cost, investments strategies are playing a huge role and gives profit to the dealers.

China as lots of advantages to take over Indian goods – Supply chain cost in China is less, low cost raw materials, high productivity, flexible import duties, less indirect taxes make their products cheap.

Would this be possible in India? Due to this many dealers in India import Chinese goods. Many Indian manufactures are importing Chinese sets of phones and gadgets to make profit. Infact we all to sell dual SIM smart phone china wireless Technologies tied up with Reliance communication.

This simply means that India must look forward to regulate and reduce the import of Chinese goods as it affects our economy.

Many industrial and manufacturing units in India is either shutting down or under loss. Government should encourage SMEs to reduce imported goods in the market in excess.

To safeguard Indian goods there is a real need for the government to change the duties and policies. Apart from this infrastructure, use of energy, natural resources requires some changes to compete at the cost level.

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