Obesity – Seriously a raising Concern on Urban Indian Population

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23 Oct, 2016
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Who would not love to eat those yummy junk foods available everywhere! Pizzas, burgers, donuts, popcorn, chips etc etc. Remember it’s high time to cut on obesity as these excessive body fats can harm your health.

There are raising health concern issues in urban India, obesity is one among them. We all have developed unhealthy lifestyles along with our busy schedules. It’s so unfortunate to see so many obese people in the city but did you even know how these unhealthy habits can kill the peace of life? Obesity is not just caused due to junk foods there are reasons beyond this which includes lack of physical exercise, unhealthy diet, food habits, energy imbalance etc these habits can kill you soon with disease such as High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Cholesterol levels, Back Pain, Infertility, Gallstones etc.

Obesity a medical condition of accumulating excess body fat over a period of time which can bring a negative effect on Health.

Top 6 reason one can be Over Weight & Obese

  • Busy lifestyle makes us addicted to Junk Foods
  • Trend of following western diet makes us Obese
  • Rise in Middle Class incomes, tempting for Unhealthy Food
  • Processed Food and Business competition is fierce today
  • Heart Disease & Diabetes are associated risk factors of Obesity
  • A person more likely can develop obesity due to Hereditary

Apart from obesity being hereditary, they can be controlled with alternatives we all spend at-least an hour on social media, gadgets and chats have we ever thought of playing for an hour or so, do we even have time for a walk, do we exercise or practice yoga at-least during the weekends it’s just that we are lazy to make time for ourselves. Yes busy lifestyle processed food and business competitions are fierce today but don’t you feel a good health is important to you and your family.

With some basic healthy habits lots can happen however urban sectors believe in short cuts to lose weight after developing all the symptoms of obesity and later hunt for products and services that can make you look the best and reduce weight along with the side effects in need before that try adopt habits that can keep away from obesity.

How severe is weight problem? Without intervention, what should you expect?

Do you agree obesity is increased among the urban's compared to rural what are the reasons?

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1 thought on “Obesity – Seriously a raising Concern on Urban Indian Population”

  1. Exactly true. We are all getting obsessed towards junk food, as its not only affecting our food habits, but also creating critical problem towards present generation youth overweight and obesity – lifestyle and eating habits are changing which is directly or indirectly inviting other diseases.

    Processed food are kind of slow poison, as it contains artificial ingredients like preservatives, colorants, flavor to make them tastier, color full at the same time increase shelf life of the packed food. Children and younger generation are literally getting addicted to this kind of processed food and lose control over their consumption.

    Yes! Obesity is a serious concern.

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