Can we show some solidarity towards our Soldiers?

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Ravi Raj
23 Oct, 2016
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I was thrilled to watch this speech from our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi about our country’s Soldiers. Let me take some bits from his speech. Yes, in some of the countries when they see soldiers in uniform, civilians stand up and honor them by applauding. It’s nothing but some sort of respect and gratitude towards these soldiers who fight for their nation and guard the people inside nation. What an amazing observation and peace of advice. Have we ever thought about it or done this to our soldiers?

I think next time when we see them in any public place like airport, railway station or bus stand we need at least make a habit, as this will bring them honor and boost their morale towards the job they do by protecting our Country. Of-course recently renowned artist like Om Puri whom we all liked and respected made an insulting comment on such Soldiers. How can Mr. Om Puri make such a careless tongue slip comment on our Soldiers. We all know it is not a cake walk to join Indian Army and serve as Jawans. It takes lot of commitment, physical, mental stress and strain to serve the nation.

As an Indian I was deeply hurt on such careless comments made by our own celebrity Mr. Om Puri.

On the other hand Mr. Modi who holds high position is so graceful and generous“watch this advice from Mr. Narendra Modi how he advice the whole nation about Soldiers”

Does these celebrities think they can speak anything about anybody and get away. I mean these so called celebrities and icons whom we all look up to, should measure their words carefully.

What do you think on Mr. Narendra Modi’s advice?

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1 thought on “Can we show some solidarity towards our Soldiers?”

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