Mobile Network providers or Social networking forcing Data service on Users?

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11 Jul, 2017
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There is an arbitrary use of data with the number of offers by mobile network providers. Some networks offer was made affordable. Exclusive offers to drive us crazy. At the same time remember mobile data services are sourcing ways to generate revenues. The irresistible uses of social networking sites and browsing use all high with all this benefiting the most?

With the advent of all the 2G and 3G data services, data packs has become more rewarding. These services are so rich enabling customers to access the offers. With all the technical advancements mobile operators to be focusing more on grabbing services. Is it because of the expanding use of the social networking apps and services?

Well, say you purchase all these services with data packs, speed, and plans to cover all the benefits. These plans are more than enough for data covering, web surfing and streaming songs on YouTube, Face book, Whatsapp etc., but you may not realize that browsing on these social networks are like a big hit against the chosen data plan.

The Problem is 90% of us use prepaid mobile networks and as of now some postpaid subscribers gets 30 days validity for usage, for prepaid customers it’s valid for 28 days on internet packs. So imagine the margin moment of looting done by mobile provider’s benefits with all the validity reduction concepts.

In addition to this say you recharge a pre paid 3G data pack without non standard 28 days validity, its simple you’re forced to recharge 13 times a year.

At the same time if you spend an hour on social networking sites you shall be using more than 2.7 GB data a month. At times this could be more than 1.45 GB on daily days also a lot of usages are likely charged through Face book or videos appears based on the variety of Newsfeed on Face book. Seems like based on these aspects, both are equally bombarding with data use on customers.

One way you can avoid the data is by turning off the auto play option of videos when you’re on apps at times change setting to WiFi only options to. Many mobile providers let off the offers the promising net speeds are not satisfied. At times the data is all over right after the use of some social networking sites.

With all the 28 days validity for all mobile internet packs how much it would cost for a subscriber for the amount usage ones they exceed the usage they are charged again at the same time if people haven’t used the data usage anytime after the validity customers can’t use them at all.

So say you use 30 days validity pack over a year, you may lose five days in a year, but more of the providers have 28 days offers only. So on what basis are we charged? Who are benefiting the most?

Do Mobile Network providers chargeData service on Users?

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