Israel a global leader! for solving world’s water crisis

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09 Apr, 2017
Water Crisis A Global Issue
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Water crisis an issue. Water is essential part of our every day life, many of our water sources are unsafe and polluted. The world is facing severe water crisis that will grow more in the coming decade.

Though the problem of water crisis is more widely discussed overlapping with climate change it is different in many ways as it is more acute and focuses as a main resource without which humans cannot live. Many of the nations are facing water scarcity however effective solutions to water crisis are found they only need to be implemented.

Solution to this problem can only come from the way we thinking to use water, how to use and methods to use the water and not just lakes and rivers and rain are the solutions for the crisis. Now crisis is answered differently by the country that has dedicated largest innovation, commitment and cultural attention to solve the problem of water scarcity in the world is Israel. Can ideas from Israel help solve water problem at a terrestrial level?

Yes, because Israel have something unique. It largely separates its water consumption from earth. Well Israel doesn’t have one stop magic solution, neither desalination nor some get through geniuses in garages. But it definitely has a centralized water management, designed over decades

Israel is today leading its way to solve the problems of water supply, spearheading efforts to deal with water leakage, farming efficiency, recycling waste, desalination, pricing policy, and education. This has resulted in water revolution unlike anybody on earth it’s not just technology but policies and culture. For this reason Israel is at the top effort to solve the globe crisis.

Israel has created efficient infrastructure of water supply and conversation that can function even without rain. By using desalinization plants, embellished by rather extreme rationing, low flow and high public awareness of every water drop value with a refined storage tanks and reservoirs that provide water during summer. Not to mention major innovation that helps Israel is drip irrigation, wastewater management, with the improved treatment techniques and innovations farmers have switched to reclaim sewage water. Israel recycles about 80% of its water being the only global leader to start a revolution of this kind.

At times Israel was a country that faced extreme water scarcity but turned this into science, techniques and as a long term planning to sustain. Perhaps, we are of its kind and it’s time for us to spend less time blaming the causes instead spend more time adopting water solutions that are available now?


How effective are water solution in our country what are the pros and cons?

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