Is Intelligence genetic factor or circumstance factor?

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04 Jul, 2017
Is Intelligence a genetic factor or circumstance factor
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Is intelligence influenced by person’s environment or genes? At some point of the time, the question must have haunted us. Some feel we all are born with natural learning aptitude or should we work hard enough to have a level of intelligence? Is intelligence inherited or influenced on basis of environment? While features, colors, structures, diseases and other factors are inherited by genes why isn’t intelligence inherited?

When it comes to intelligence as hereditary the only thought on this can either be yes or no! For some it’s not, just because the parent of a child is intelligent doesn’t mean the child will be intelligent.

Off course, our genes define the structure of our intelligence, which simply means that our genes are not responsible for how intelligent we are. The child can be achieved through guidance and studying pattern based on the way they are taught.

But on the other hand psychologist like Robert Sternberg concludes that skills and knowledge are the result of family teaching but they can’t be genetic in nature based on the education and the way parents communicate to provide knowledge.

Never to forget it’s cognitive ability and skills that help to develop the intelligence.The fact by genetic we mean the differences passed from generations to generations, for example, an illness but one should note that intelligence is the examination of cognitive skills learned through exposure.

So does the environment influence intelligence? Well! Like mentioned before genes can outline intelligence, but it all depends on the environment. We are brought up the way we inherit and accomplish the learning ability.

We have many examples on how people shined even after all the poverty and failures in life. For example, we all have read on newspaper’s auto driver’s kids starring in IAS exams, their parents are not educated did gene play a role here? In this case, possibilities might be a circumstance that kept them going.

On the other hand, it depends on how the child is nurtured and thought to develop intelligence over genes. Now that we have the clarity to some extent there can be no excuses on quotes like ‘I wasn’t born intelligent or parents weren’t that intelligent’ as it depends on one’s own self to make use of the potentiality.

Either they are inherited or not don’t matter at all! Remember intelligence can be trained during any age, stage of life when you develop interest and a positive move.

Is Intelligence a genetic factor?

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