Why do influential young people exhibit rude and reckless behavior?

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04 Jul, 2017
Influential young people exhibit rude and reckless behavior
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Most of the influential young people exhibit rude behavior. Ever observed some youngsters being rude and reckless, ever wondered where did they learn this behavior? Is being rude equal to being cool?

Whether its influence or rich man’s success. Over hard earned money, investment, profits, name, and fame. Some of the influential young people have a reputation so will this lead to reckless behavior. If immaturity or lack of guidance is a problem, then why do some youngsters remain reckless?

In this case, should the youngsters require more patience? Are they reckless because they are not old enough or is it because of the pride? These Young people are successful and influential does this make them cautions and make them behave in a particular way in order to maintain supremacy.

Most of these youngsters have very few friends and refuse to take interest in someone else.These days many influential youngsters commit mistakes with the fact that they are influential over everything.

The ‘me’ and ‘I’ factor will never allow them to think about others. Say for example they party hard at night like as if there is no victim to suffer from their noise. There is no other world around them as they are caught up in own self-centeredness no authorities exist in their mind.

They have no restrictions or involved in correcting their mistakes. Beyond manners and respect, there is something called residing in a meaningful community? No doubt we have seen changes in decades over the shift in our moral, behavioral, lifestyle fabrics equally increasing interest in other activities that as lead to change.

The fact of empathy over sympathy is increased they prefer being individualistic over security, growth, and fame. In order get away from all the gossips, controversies they tend to stay rude and fame.

Should we blame parents or the peer group for their behaviors etc? On the other side, nobody can be rude based on our consideration and the way we approach. One should learn to accept the way of communicating, there is nothing to do with the positive way of approaching people.

Do influential young people exhibit rude and reckless behavior?

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