How strictly we follow the rules, regulations or compliance in India?

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27 Jun, 2017
Follow the rules, regulations or compliance
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To handle the population of 1.3 billion, rules and regulations are definitely needed for security, welfarsim, law and order etc. making rules and regulations are half the way to work. Half of it is dependent on following them and making sure every work is done within the framework of rules and regulation.

There is quite a lot of evidence on why we are unable to maintain and compile rules. Wherever there’s human intervention there is room for scams, cheating, corruption etc to reduce this we have latest technologies, cameras, software’s in order to record the activity of breaking the rules but how far have they changed the idea of following the rules.

‘Do Indians fail to follow rules’- this statement annoys the hell out there when heard, not that we all break rules. I feel there are fewer barriers and less possible ways to get under the law. Well you drive on a wrong side of the road or a footpath even after all the boards indicting not to do so some do it should the violator be blamed or laws. In this case the innocent is killed just because of breaking a simple rule.

Off course there are people who go out the way to follow rules, on the other side people don’t think twice to break the rules. How many of us see kids under the age of 18 driving rashly on roads who is suppose to teach them aren’t we ignoring awareness.

Knowing the fact that rules are meant for our goodness and security we still hesitate to do that is there a biggest reason as to why people break rules.

Say let’s talk about traffic rules no helmet, jumping the signals, drink and drive, no age barrier etc everything is taken for granted. Is it because we lack of severity, corruption, penalties and punishments that are simple enough to escape every time we commit mistakes?

Well may be our rules are not so effective compared to other nations? Or just that we are easy going to forget following rules? What is the actual problem?

Well in countries like- Singapore spitting in public has a fine. Smoking in public will get you in serious trouble. Wearing the wrong dress when going out will land you in jail. And those are just petty violations. One can only imagine how stringent the Singaporean government is when dealing with serious crimes.

But this very solid adherence to the rules makes Singapore a world-class economy with standards of living rated higher than most advanced European nations.

There are exhaustive reasons as to why people break rules. At some point of time emergency situations make us break rules but is it with wearing a helmet or wearing a seat belt.

Its small little things that we ignore there are hell lots of accident cases at the cost of breaking rules it’s always better to be sensitive towards others and oneself.

Yet another fact is that rules are easy to break with the amount of corruption and lack of honest professional’s, mindset, don’t like a change. Anybody can escape for dunk and drive by shelling some amount or through influence. There are some loopholes that these penalties, alternatives and punishments are kind of not so strict.

That doesn’t mean everybody can break the rules! At the convince and ignorance many of these rules remain useless due these factors. In order to eradicate corruption Jan lokpal bill was introduced to investigate corruption cases as an independent body how far is this successful? Do we all lack strict laws or take them for granted?

Do we follow rules and regulation strictly?

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