Best role models for youngster’s sports stars or entertainment stars?

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08 Jul, 2017
Better Role Models for Youths
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Role models have a huge influence at one point most of us would have one. Many youngsters spend their life surrounded by celebs from different arena like sports, film actors, politicians etc. teenagers are mostly influenced and get attracted for towards their role models.

Be it the good or bad deeds, celebrities kind of attract them. With this let’s discuss both positive and negative impact of choosing their role models in our society.

Its not only external people who make up as role models, some times it is parents and family member also seem to influence our lives.

Let’s start with the glamour world. Celebrities live in style, glamour and rich life style that can’t suit a common man. At this adoptable age they tend to try and follow everything from their role model sometimes which can’t be afforded. Some people get involved in wrong deeds that can be easily followed and taken them on wrong path.

On positive note, not all the celebrities are involved in wrong deeds. Many sports and film personalities are doing great. In sports, Sachin Tendulkar struggled in his early life and set a benchmark in the cricket world. Many youngsters take it them as a source of influence and build their goals.

On the other hand name of sports icons are very common in betting, match fixing which can have a bad influence on younger generation. That allow them try these betting as a trend or a cool thing to practice. These role model whom these youngsters pick will have the ability to shape their view and ideology.

We all keep reading about celebrities or sports stars in new papers, magazines or watch quite often either on advertisement or in movies. They have a regular visit in out life which is a huge influence especially youngsters.

Another example we can take is Rajinikanth! The big stars are much more effective than others. Film stars and sports stars are top choices as youth icons. Millions of youngsters spend their time following their style, look, body languages of these stars.

Youngsters can try something different from normal people. For example marketing companies endorse celebs to endorse their products to target audience.

At the same time we all have some wrong things adopted, guided for wrong motives. Some groups tend to create mess and problems over hatred and violence. With both the positive and negative note many blindly copy the lifestyle of different stars it’s the responsibility to guide children and youngsters to select and make right choice over practicing and selecting the right role models.

Are sports stars better role models for youths?

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