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21 Feb, 2018
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Acne most of us encounter this problem. It’s not just about cleaning your face its about the pores that are clogged by dirt, oil and bacteria that need to be removed.

There are some classic methods to get rid of acne that results in pimple, breakout, blackheads, uneven skin tone and dryness. It is possible to achieve clear skin.

Though spots is not dangerous but can leave scars if you have suffering from scars here is the solution.

Use products to get rid it’s about an internal issue. While the cause of acne is complex, beautiful skin needs internal nourishment:


Like Stress

Hormone imbalance

Unhealthy eating

Improper liver function


The adrenal glands produce oil which can also lead to pores. In order to fight the spot firstly understand the causes and don’t forget to pick the right acne creams and products.

Here is what you need to do to treat your skin:


The main causes can be genetics, puberty, anxiety, stress, oil skin and squeezing of pimples. Pimples usually grow when follicles get blocked this increases oil under the skin leading to pores.

Hormonal Factors

The main cause of acne is rise in androgen levels. It increases the oil glands under the skin to grow. This causes pores and bacteria to grow up.


Another cause is bacteria. In fact it can increase spots, the same is also true for the amount of pollution skin is exposed to. You need to keep your skin away from all these factors.

Pollution and Atmosphere

High level of sweating or humidity in the atmosphere can cause red spots. You need to treat them accordingly. Make sure your sweat free use soft tissue to clean your face.


These are some of the simplest remedies to prevent acnes and pimples. Wash your face twice a day, use mild soaps. Don’t burst the pimples this can lead to infection and causes blocking, sore and redness.

If you hate unclear skin prevent acne:

Eat healthy

What you eat plays a major role. Unhealthy diet can worsen skin. Consume a good supply of vitamins A and E and zinc that lowers the risk of acne.

Eat Good food. Food with high fat and unhealthy oils it can spoil your skin, it leads to clogged pores. Instead of eating candies, chips or unhealthy snacks eat low fat foods, fruits and vegetables.

Keep the skin clean

Wash your face often; it stops pimples from being expanded. Extra oil is usually built up whole day. Exfoliating three times per week does the temporary cleaning to the skin. Acne, pimples and Pores get larger when it gets oily.

Use Moisturizers

This can repair the skin. Use moisturizers containing aloe vera or witch hazel to treat the problem. They soothen the skin and provides an anti inflammatory effect.

Treat your spots on time

Be it dark spots, pimple marks or spots treat them rightly. Dry skin can make the pores visible. Oil skin can notice these problem offen. Some areas face can become oiler and gets visible.

Treat the spots with clay mask if it appears on nose, cheeks or forehead. Clay mask can wipe off the extra oil out from the face and makes the skin appear smoother.

Wear Sunscreen

Since acne can cause pores. Too much of sun rays can make the pores look bigger. Use SPF of at least 30 every day. Also wear hat and avoid being out in the sun.


Mild acne can be treated with gels, soaps, creams and lotion. They are best for sensitive skin. For a little oily skin use alcohol based gels which are bit dry. Check out for following ingredients before buying the product:

Check for Resorcinol it helps to breakout blackheads. Benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria and declines the production of oiliness under the skin that causes pimple and acne. Retin-A unblocks the pores through cell turnover

Corticosteroid injection

If your face is severely red looking spot it will lead to scars. A specialist might treat these by injecting corticosteroid injection. This helps to reduce inflammation and heals quickly. It will break down within few days.


Take a look at your product before buying an ACNE cream. Check out for Zinc and Magnesium that helps to restore the skin’s oil and clears the pores.

ClearPores improves the skin appearance it’s a total skin cleansing system designed to clean the pores with different supplements as mentioned above it removes acne in no time. It’s a clinically proven product to get rid of acne

It Includes:

• Deep Facial Wash

• Facial Protection Cream

• Herbal Supplement

• Deep Body Wash

• Body Protection Cream

Some oral antibiotics

It can be used for treating moderate and severe acne. These antibiotics usually reduce the growth of bacteria and reduce inflammation. However, it is resistant to topical rather than antibiotics.

Oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives help to control acne in women by restraining the overactive glands. There usually used to treat long term acnes.

However it’s not suitable for 35 year old, women who have blood clotting disorder, smoking habits or migraines. Here is How to get rid of migraine?


• Keep your face clean be it pimple or spots it’s important to wash your face twice a day. It kind of removes all the dead cells and keeps the skin away from harm.

• Use mild cleanser harsh soaps can cause more irritation

Try a good product consisting benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acid, which fights bacteria and prevents acne

• Remove make up when the skin has pores or breakout avoid too much of makeup. If you still wear wash them off before sleep.

• Choose makeup products labeled as ‘noncomedogenic’ which prevents acne.

• Exercise regularly it is good for your body and the skin

• Keep your hands away from face: avoid touching pimples. Never pop pimples with your finger it can cause infection and marks.

It’s strange that acne is so much related to our day today actives. ClearPores takes care of these issues.

Nonetheless it’s important to keep you skin clean and healthy. Acne directly results on the way you treat your body and skin. Also get flawless skin in no time

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