Business Travel Management Tips: To manage Corporate Travel Expenses

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21 Feb, 2018
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Business Travel management is not an easy task. There are number of factors to consider for successful corporate travel. From packing your business documents to researching your destination, there are many crucial things to embark a business trip.

You should know to manage people and budgets which is complicated. Apart from the usual guidelines on packing complications we have ventured some tips to excel your career tips has a corporate traveler.

Generating corporate travel savings is not easy- especially if you have lots of employees at travelling aboard. Learn how to deal with travel focused life

There are many ways to compromise these travel expenses and safety. Here are some tips:

Planning and Booking:

In some companies there are staff members who organize business travel. If not you can try some travel agents with small amount of liaison. Be it small or large companies can benefit from external corporate travel services.

Look for ATAS accreditation to ensure its authorized travel professionals handling all the business travel managment needs with less confusion. It’s important to ensure that travelers know regulations of the airline. Verify all the check in luggage details (including luggage rules and dimensions)

Don’t look at hotel rates, look for overall expenses: Be smart while booking hotels it’s the biggest savings. The hotel room comprises a small part of the total cost to stay, once you factor in expenses such as meals, laundry and airport transfers.

When negotiating with hotels, find promotional rates that are added to benefit such as breakfast or room services.

Companies in should consider Last Room Availability rates. Its one of the best business travel management, idea. These rates, are typically higher than Non Last Room Availability rates, give the company the right to buy a room. However, LRA rates often don’t make economic sense.

Manage schedules:

You can work independently, however things change while travelling with colleagues. On roads and while travelling in groups organizing ensure all parties have a contact list. If you’re small in group don’t forget to exchange mobile numbers.

Make a quick Business Travel management planning session, before or during the trip. These things will guard colleagues or those in tendency to roam off track, so all these are goal oriented and make the trip faster.

Make your travel policies clear and simple:

Take a close look at corporate travel policy and whether it covers travel spend within company. Focus on approval process along with bookings and reservations and expenses. It’s one of the most important part of business travel management.

Communicate all your Business Travel management policies clearly to travelers. Keep the policies clear, create FAQs. This will help people stay within policies and costs that hurt bottom line.

Plan a pre approval trip: The best ways to reduce corporate travel spend having an approval system for every booking.

Check how many trips get approved. Calculate lost savings while disapproval of trip. You can also outsource or cordinate with business travel management company.

Keep all the receipts to share expenses:

Always keep receipts be it for companies or for tax purposes. Even if you have company cards or accountant entertain physical receipts for all the records. Keep all this organized which helps to make the report fast and simple.

Many businesses may not reimburse employees until their return, with limited budget. But either way, you can expect a refund from company or tax. Be prepared to access funds or cash especially if you expect a refund from the company.

It’s always better to be prepared with cash and exchange rates. Discuss about the expenses so that parties are comfortable in advance.

Reward Your Employees and Business:

Every time you travel always try cost effective option, they save companies money. Give them an incentive to deliver make savings. Try some altenatives realted to business travel managment services they will guide through cost.

It could be a voucher for favorite store, share the savings or time off- some ways to reduce the travel costs. There are most of corporate reward schemes. Try the point building schemes against the cost of airline tickets, hotels and car rentals.

Plan Ahead:

This is a golden rule to save money. It’s always wise to book flights and hotels in advance this can decrease the price. And incase your going to USA! Here are some Top 10 must see places in USA

Try using tools like CWT trip Estimator; you will get an idea to purchase plane tickets in advance, as well as booking, hotel rates, Business Travel management offers and more.

There are price tacking tools which will help you for re booking the tickets by reducing the price. There are some ways to make savings on corporate travel costs. Keep your spending down and avoid expenses.

Research destination to ensure cultural sensitivity:

Apart from varying business manners based on each destination. Speaking loudly in meeting is encouraged during UK, while in France punctuality is more casual. There are lots of Business Travel Managment agencies and Business Travel Managment services look for them.

Also review your destination as of high threat for cyber intrusions through which will advice what to look for.

Study the different policies of other countries when comes to customs, internet access and corruption. Also check out for pre departure checklist which helps to keep you organized during travelling.

Schedule team building activities:

I little excitement in travel business journey. There is some expertise of travel agent is useful. They know what is available suitable within familiarity. They can ensure all the corporate travel needs and schedule in suitable group options.

Check with your travel agents and hotel for quick tours to break the meeting and see the sites. Remember, business traveling is stressful especially after back to back meeting so plan the activities within these short frames.

Take timeout for activities like pre booking massages at hotel spa, or small activities.

Try to minimize your stress when organizing business trips. Use a travel agent and get insights on suitcase packing and make successful travel.

It’s not easy to manage group of people while travelling. Ensure you plan the trip beforehand it can reduce the business travelling cost.

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