Visit USA Before You Die : Top 10 Must See Places in USA

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21 Feb, 2018
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Visit USA from coastline beauties to big cities, the United States of America is made up for several travel destinations it’s hard to decide which place to visit in America.

I know you don’t want to miss the best places in USA after fuelling lots of money. That is why we have considered variety of factors, such as nature, beach, hotels, road trips, attractions, as well as top listed vacation destination in USA.

We will guide through the destination, how to get there, where to stay, when to eat, what is it about and why to visit USA and don’t miss places.

1) Oneonta Gorge, Oregon

Oenonta Gorge is a hidden treasure you just can’t stop visiting. It’s a natural wonder probably this creek is America’s most beautiful hikes. You can hike this gorgeous creek to witness the world beauty.

It consists of unique set of aquatic and woodland plant. It looks like a fairy world with Ferns and moss on the walls.

Off course, you can pass through the emerald beauty built with bubbling, sparking waterfalls. You can walk through the creek and hike.

There are four major falls along with gorge the upper Oneonta falls, Middle, lower and the triple Oneonta falls.

You can try chest deep hike and you will love it. It is located in Columbia River of American State of Oregon.

2) Mendenhall Glacier Caves, Alaska

Mendenhall Ice Caves you will breathe the blue wall beauties. There’s magic in Mendenhall ice Caves, water runs over rocks under the blue ceilings inside a hollow glacier.

The glacier is closed during the month of April. The glacier flows like a river shaping the landscape as it moves.

It is located 12 miles away from downtown Juneau in South Alaska. Mendenhall Glacier is popular tourist place. If you want to see Ice Caves inside the glacier go for a kayak ride and then watch it.

It is a fantastic feeling surrounded by blues and whites. Don’t you miss!

Also try ling hike, an ice climb and I bet those melting canvern won’t fall on you. It’s an incredible landscape visit once in a life time.

Your visit to USA is incomplete without watching and hiking in the Glacier. You dont get to do that all the time.

3) Hamilton Pool, Texas

Try this blue and green water beauty you will never forget the feel of pooling. This natural pool is best tourists and residents place in summer. It’s a breath taking natural beauty.

The gem of this pool is the blue and green water surrounded by awesome rocks formed around the pool. This 50 foot waterfall is an ideal place to refresh mind and washing yourself.

Hamilton pool was created when the underground river collapsed due to erosion thousands of years ago.

Hamilton pool is best for hiking trails. You can spy on rare plant species or birds. Luckily you may find Golden Cheek warblers or cliff swallows. It an amazing place to witness the beauty!

4) Watkins Glen State Park, New York

Go water falling at Watkins Glen State Park it the most beautiful Finger Lakes parks with 19 waterfalls along its course. It’s an amazing place for those who like water and sounds of rock. You can wind under the waterfalls.

Day long visitors can enjoy Olympic size pool, there are summer tours, gorge tent and picnic facilities and fishing in Seneca Lake or Catherine creek it is renowned with a rainbow trout.

if you visit USA Never forget to watch Rainbow Bridge. It will make feel in ‘world of rings’ the main attraction is Glen, the geoge trail.

It’s a best tourist adventures. If you looking for adventures like wild, hiking, swimming, pooling this is the place.

Check out the Tunnel, entrance of the trail and bridge over Glen Creek. It’s a walkway bridge to charm your eyes. It’s an amazing fantasy land when you walk through the rainbow falling petty part of Glen.

I bet you will enjoy walking behind the waterfalls and cross the bridge!

5) Northern Lights, Alaska

Don’t miss the mystical events of lights in sky. They are caused by solar winds disturbing particles in earth’s atmosphere it beautifully displays green, red and blue glows. This is something like walking in the lands of light.

These northern lights trip in best to visit during the winter or early spring. If you visit in November or January you will experience light for a very short time.

Season of Alaska’s Northern Lights is between mid September and late April. Your trip to USA is incomplete without experiencing Northern Lights of Alaska’s!

We bet you will never regret visiting this place. It’s a best viewing trip you can ever make.

6) Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

Dry Tortugas, Florida is 70 miles of Key West, with snorkel crystal color water. This island is isolated surrounded by clear water with lots of sea life. You can go use boat or seaplane, so leave worries and slide your way to happiness.

The spotless fascinating islands of history and gorgeous beaches will keep you high. The trip to shark and stunning islands with sea life is beautiful.

Check out for rare birds, French angel fish, loggerhead turtles. With remarkable snorkeling, migratory birds and endless ocean vistas, you never forget the sense of nature.

7) Skagit Valley Tulip Fields, Washington

You must have watched these fields in Indian movies. Don’t you? Well, then it’s time you watch it live.

Skagit Valley Tulip Fields is the field of blooming tulips of northern Washington, these fields beg for a camera time. Come the spring, the acres of muti colored tulips set you’re a visual treat.

Hundreds of visitors come in the month of April 1 to 30 to see this flowers bloom. So stand before the fields of cherry red, orange, pure white, purple flowers blanket your eyes and heart.

That is most of them love to visit USA during this season.

8) Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara is a young river; no matter when you visit there are lots of things to do in Niagara fall. It offers beautiful site to visitors, located 17 miles from NY. You can spend a night at this falls, it beautiful view.

Enjoy the beauty of Niagara Falls it’s a lifetime experience!

Infact, it’s not just packed with water falls from three sides but with free entertainment. Festival and events adds up the fun. There are events and festival that fall in winter that feature wine, food and music.

Visit USA Niagara Falls state Park with 400 acres of wildlife and lush of landscape. They froze sometimes in winter. You should never miss a visit to Niagara Falls!

9) California’s Redwood Coast

CALIFORNIA’S REDWOOD CAOST is picked as the best place to visit in USA 2018. What’s so special about California’s Redwood coast? You can find the tallest tress spread across the millions of acres.

It’s actually forests with collection of parks together. It consists of Redwood National and State Parks and Humboldt Redwoood State Park.

You can hike or drive through this ancient forests. You can explore the quiet hidden coven, empty beaches and migrating grey whales. You can taste delicious sea food.

From Hiking to beach hopping CALIFORNIA’S REDWOOD CAOST has something for everyone.

It’s 4 hours journey from San Francisco or Sacramento. It can be visited during any time of the year. For June and September its bit sunny, while it remains cooler rest of the months.

The coast Sequoia sempervirens stands 300 feet tall it’s a visual adventures treat. To get feel of tress go to Newton B Drury Redwood Scenic Parkway.

See the forest enjoy the tress and don’t forget the coast. If want to see gray whale migration visit in November, December, March, or April.

The best nature spots include Gold Bluffs Beach and Magical canyon

10) Bryce Canyon, Utah

Surround yourself with the beauty of Bryce Canyon National park. You will lose yourself in the world of hoodoos and stunning view.

About 1 million people visit USA Brye Canyon, it’s delightful and makes way for all the recreational activities too.

You can go hiking around the orange hoodoos or horse riding. Don’t miss on biking and popular activities around Canyon.

You will find everything possible at Bryce Canyon restaurants, park tours, Hotels and Bryce Activities and much more.

Some things are worth go take a long dip in these orange hoodoos.

Travelling is the best thing you can do! Visit USA with a well organised list of places. You don’t have to spend to much to visit USA. Here are some tips on How to deal with someone who has travelfocused life? Check out how travelling is made easy when you have planned well.

Do you have some more places to suggest? Was this helpful leave a comment below

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