Should foreign languages become mandatory for kids at early age?

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26 Jun, 2017
Should foreign Languages become mandatory for kids at early age
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Should foreign Languages be mandatory for kids in school. In today’s world, communication plays an indispensable role. With the diversified culture, lifestyles and developments seems like foreign languages are key growth to understand the increasingly competitive world.

In this context is exposing child to multiple languages a good idea. Off course language is a way to connect people, it can set children successful.

Besides education and academic performance knowing more than one language can expand access to people, resources, better communication and better travel experience. Introduction to different cultures can make children explore people, values, habits, cultures etc. It can also open up job opportunities in future at the foreign world.

But indirectly learning foreign language at the early age can increase the burden of a primary school that is exposed to stress free environment children find it hard when they are overloaded with tones of homework every day.
In fact, it’s important for kids to concrete more on useful subjects.

Subjects like science, maths is considered as stepping edge to prospective job- In this context foreign languages are more likely to become an added ability they are not so important.

It’s proven that children who learn new language has better writing skills, ability to express clearly, improve vocabulary. Apart from that shouldn’t children make time for themselves every new subject seems like horrifying their childhood happiness.

In this case kids should not be forced rather if it’s their choice to learn a foreign language then well and good. Childhood is a phase that exactly requires something more to explore beyond academics. It’s more of a stage to lead a stressful life.

Imposing pressure on kids can disturb their other developmental activities that are important. Apart from all the other aspects of foreign language one should remember everything is an added advantage until and useless it’s one’s own wish. Anyways foreign languages in reality is optional because there are plenty other jobs that don’t require these languages. So it shouldn’t be forced it’s good to allow kids to decide on it.

Should foreign Languages become mandatory for kids at early age?

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