Deforestation is clear cause for growth in urbanization or population?

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26 Jun, 2017
Deforestation is clear cause for growth in urbanization
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Like many other problems of the world, deforestation is one among them. On everyday note irreversible damage is caused to forest lands, natural habitats and ecosystems- triggering droughts, heatwaves and natural calamities.

Over the decade’s uneven rainfall, climatic changes, decline in ground water seems like end of planet earth. Every year more and more forest areas are converted for infrastructure, agriculture, road widening or building home- in order to feed the growing needs of the people. Commercial logging, urbanization, economic development, industrialization are the causes of deforestation.

Thousands of trees are cut for road widening and infrastructure developments. With the hope of development, urban populations are set to expand their population slowly by clearing all the tropical forests- rebuilding the forest is doubtful aspect to think about.

By far the most serious concern of deforestation is forest. As the population is growing the amount of forest land is depleted. On the other end humans are busy constructing home. At the same time economic sectors are busy on developing infrastructures all this at the cost of environment.

Infact for every commercial purpose natural resources have been used. For example- tress are copped to make a home interiors, tables, desks and what not. These are definitely not under the basic needs.

Urban areas such as cities or farmers cut tress to whilst the urban area expansion. Tress are cut at the alarming rate, for building materials as the population increases people need a place for survival. We all are tearing down forests not just make homes but build everything on profit modes.

Deforestation slowly starts with human settlements say due to urban preference. As time intervenes the settlers begin producing their own food or start planning on their own source of income which beings with clearing forest land. Even in the age of metals, we were dependent on these stuffs- but how much off it should be used? Shouldn’t we think of replacement too?

If we are smart to send a man to moon, we should be smart enough to adopt sustainable way to work to protect environment. Recycling papers, replacing trees, submitting projects online instead of paper can all make a huge impact to fix these problems to some extent.

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