Earning and spending or Caring and Serving – Which makes you Happy?

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26 Jun, 2017
Earning and spending or Caring and Serving
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Earning and spending or Caring and Serving. Some look for happiness for years. Many of us see happiness while earning we are set free on everything that is spent on. In order to seek happiness and better life we make money running through tough time of education, struggles, and jobs for living.

Once the earning increases life seems like all set well. To begin a life earning has become a critical part. One way of trying to be happy and planning for happiness is through earnings.

Well on the other hand will caring and serving provide happiness? If you need to service then you need to earn its vice versa.

You might be earning in plenty which is enough to lead a luxurious life. At the same time this can’t buy happiness. Investing on business, health, travel and other activities can be done through money. Trying to bring happiness in others life, by sharing little money or donating can bring happiness to others at the same time helping people to lead a better future.

One should love to care each other will this lead to happiness? With these two aspects one should remember happiness is all rested in one’s hand. We might be happy sharing something to the needy at the same time happiness is when you’re self-sufficient. One can feel good to share when he/she has plenty to share.

We’re living in the strange world where poor people are walking miles for food and rich walk miles to digest food in this case shouldn’t we try sharing little to give which makes both of happy.

What prevent happiness is- emotions, notions, beliefs. Expectations and eagerness for happiness prevent people from being happy. For some getting a dream job is happiness, for some leading a luxurious life is happiness after all this will we be happy with money every time.

You need to define yourself happiness is a goal. If you say only achievers has right to happiness remember you have self defined happiness? One should stop trying to be happy and wanting to be happy the desire to happiness is a sure recipe for unhappiness. It comes from the way your and do what you want to do. Do what brings you happiness. Don’t plan for happiness or strive for happiness- happiness comes from each other’s life.

It’s nice to care and share. At the end happiness is shared experience money alone can’t bring happiness. It’s for us and loved ones we make money so in one way you’re caring and sharing to keep your loved ones happy.

When you stop celebrating the movement of happiness with others there is no room to explore means to spend. So lead a happy life by balancing both each of these equally.

Earning and spending makes you Happy?

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