Does technology make us lazy or we’ve made ourselves lazy

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03 Apr, 2017
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Are new technology and device making us lazy, dumb and dependent. Technology is time-saving, but we might not know how to use it wisely, convenience turned into dependency.

How many of us would love to spend a day without phone or gadgets? Do we even recall a day without internet at all? Technology has made life so convenient for us we are scared of the fact to spend a day without gadgets for an extended period. Yes we are under the fact that: Technology makes us lazy, always a common statement.

Let’s not blame technology for making us lazy because technologies can’t make decisions for us. What we do during the free time with technology is entirely left to us. We have to decide on how productively to use them. Decide on what you want from technology perhaps yes we need to perform menial tasks, at times we want to go out but end up in front of television everyday after work

There’s no question that we are far dependent on technology. It makes our lives easier, yet technology has satisfied as we depend on it to solve our problems. But does it complacency equal laziness? Let’s take a step back and evaluate the goals of technology last century they came as a time saving devices. Microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers etc all exists to save time they can save hours in the course of a single week. But what are we doing with that extra time?

Gone are times to get dressed up, drive for a movie with a family we have been there before. So now we are on fence to get out and do something, but our so called laptops, phones stop us from having the real fun, technology gives us time but doesn’t tell us how to use them. Technology is taking up a huge amount of peoples living styles and times, such as video games tremendous amount of teenagers and adults spend lots of time on these gadgets. People have become busy on their phone to socialize with others being all time on internet either probably on social networking sites or watch videos. Main reason for laziness is probably the internet. People are more and more relying too much on technology to do everything for them. However these sorts of technology are useful when it is required yet technology sets lots of problems when it comes to internet we don’t know how long to stay on.

Remember: That choice is entirely yours not the technology

So I ask again: does technology make us lazy? No. We’ve made ourselves lazy


Does technology make us lazy?

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