Ban Liquor shops near highways – Consequential fatalities

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01 Apr, 2017
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With the liquor shops on national and state highways slated from April 1 as per Supreme Court’s order to be closed has led to many consequential fatalities. Ban Liquor shops near highways is a good move but a ban in a single phase may not yield good results to other business. This move is made with a good intension to try making highways safe but will this have a desired impact?

However let the ban look into the overall consequence that can hurt food and beverage sectors, business people who have made investments, cities cutting across the highways etc. From the excise revenue point excise department is expected to generate Rs 121. 30 crore revenue in 2017-18 through the allotment of 399 liquor vends against Rs 126.25 crore revenue in 2016-17. If the move is all set to affect the F&B revenue many hubs at the highways are sure to suffer a lot. These sector are already reeling with the impact of demonetization, it will yet take another hit.

The top courts order was based on PIL filled by ‘Arrive Safe’ NGO stating that 1.42 lakh people die annually in road accidents, caused by drunk driving. The NGO said the easy availability of liquor from stores on highways was a major reason for drunk driving.

Drunk and drive on Indian highways are common and remained to be an unaffected measure adopted to ensure road safety. While the drink and drive checks take place in many towns, cities our highways offer freedom to drink and drive just like take it easy under the law. So, the Supreme Court’s order will now apply to address one part of the problem however this completely depends on how it’s implemented apart from the ban the law enforces should exaggerate checks on highways. Drunk and drive needs to be identified & punished and not used as sources to make bribes will the SC ensure all that?

Meanwhile government should think of a relocation alternatives will this ban allow liquor shops to crop up in the cities. However the apex court has dictated the law now it’s time for the government to enforce it.

What other measures should be considered to impose a ban?


Without the relocation alternatives this ban allows liquor shops to crop up in the cities?

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