Spirituality – Religion – Which is best for society?

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26 Jun, 2017
Spirituality Vs Religion
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When spirituality-religion come together, it feels like we are in fight for what to believe in. Whether we are brought up from a religious family or against the label, the search for the truth seems like never ending.

But what if it meant like your internally discovering how you feel connected to divine rather than truth. The concepts of spirituality-religion pass through beliefs, customs, traditions, norms, principal values. It’s inclined with the divine entity watching above. Spirituality is more on watching one’s own self.

There are no external limits- everything is carried through soul’s approval in spirituality-religion in particular system is faith and worship especially a personal God. Whereas, religious expressions are more subject to social, geographical and political factors.

Religion regulates certain aspects that are followed by majority. By hook or crook they are deliberately passed down to generations irrespective of what they are. In fact, religion can guide through positivity on the other they divide people on we feeling basis or sensitize every aspect of life, probably they are interpreted the other way by few individuals- by creating religious clashes leading to hatred. This affects the society as a whole.

Like how the people raise figure at Muslims when it comes to terrorism, more of negativity surrounded by wrong notions. Muslims aren’t terrorists, such terrorists who are mind washed and trained for such terrorism, do not belong to any human community or caste. Terrorists do not worship God.

There is numerous scientific research conducted to understand the mind-set of terrorist, what motivates them for such monstrous acts. Basically, their ideologies, psychological state of mind drives them to take such steps.

We have seen many people take advantages over the religious groups for fame, vote banks, hatred and what not. Every religion as its own value we are all abided to stay secular. Religion has restriction either for good or bad people tend to commit mistakes on these ground lines too.

For example: Muslim religion doesn’t consume alcohol isn’t a good point through religion. On the other hand Hindus believe in karma the effects of life over bad and good eventually making them thing twice on what they do. Unfortunately certain ideologies clash due to some rigorous individuals. It’s all dependent on the basic modes of practices that take everyone on the right and wrong side.

To be religious, we all believe in supernatural deity that has a great influence on our life. To be spiritual one have to believe on soul it’s more of a self defined concept.

You believe on soul that makes you think on good and bad things there is neither a rule nor regulations. Usually both the concept goes hand in hand, but there some cases that prove both the side badly.

No religion act can violate the fundamentally valued beliefs of spirituality. Spirituality is concerned only with its forms, actions and concepts but religion implements these concept in more preserved way. If one believes in karma for wrong things the other believes in soul to persuade the same.

Do you agree- Spirituality or religion both has a good values?

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