Can artificial intelligence replace teachers – Is it good or bad?

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26 Jun, 2017
Can artificial intelligence replace teachers
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Artificial intelligence is drastically changing our lives. While a lot of example shows how effective they are, this show there’s still room for innovations to happen everywhere. They are easy, simple, convenient and faster isn’t this enough to capture anything. Well imagine artificial intelligence replacing teachers in near future?

Overtime who and how will the teaching happen? Yes! As more and more questions are answered by computers who feels like unwelcoming them. But whether a teacher or a student every human being needs to draw an inspiration can machines do this. Will they mould towards the future – can computers do this? Off course, not replacing teachers doesn’t mean they will have an effect.

There are many supporting roles in education will they face the imminent threat of being replaced by artificial intelligence. Nevertheless speed and low cost solution can substitute teachers too.

Although computers can support students with many illustrations, it doesn’t have emotions, apart from this teacher takes students through quality or attitude to support the mental development of the child. Computers can’t replace human sentiments. Artificial intelligence can solve student’s doubts anytime unlike the classroom system.

The teaching aspects of classrooms are different they take through the vivid explanation and understandings unlike Roberts or computer artificial intelligence that requires quiet a lot of understanding to do so.

Apart from studies students require constant support guidance. Teachers play specific role on mental and physical health to keep students focused and conscious in class. It can give students a pictorial representation to learn just by the click of a button. Some students lag behind at times they are scared to approach the teacher nor have they time to explain again and again.

But when it comes to computer, students can click anytime, anywhere to understand the concept. Infact there can be online test on the topic for students to know how much they have learnt. It’s not easy to keep students focused they are distracted sooner or faster, teachers don’t allow this to happen.

Apart from all the benefits students require guidance to run across the stages of life. Computers fail to blend the mental and physical stage of the students. Artificial intelligence can help teachers in class room but they can’t replace other valuable qualities of the teacher. Instead both can be balanced equally.

Can artificial intelligence replace teachers - Is it good or bad?

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3 thoughts on “Can artificial intelligence replace teachers – Is it good or bad?”

  1. AI can understand emotions and sentiments, in a logical way. Sentiment analysis/ facial expression recognition are part of AI. In the near future we will create algorithms through deep learning to basically mimic or even out perform a human teacher. The field of AI is very young as of now and will grow to much heights. Everything is input and output. If the output is what we expect, then we can assume we have true AI.

  2. It is good to have AI teach us, as the human teachers are not up to the mark.
    We do not have good teachers in great numbers. Learning is always a challenge and problematic in a many ways.
    We find it very hard to understand things and it takes a lot of a time and a lot of effort. It may not be so if we have a good teacher student rapport. So AI can be that good teacher who understand its student and tailor makes the lessons. Plus AI cant get angry or impatient which our human teachers are quite capable of.

    AI is just the, best of all of us, put together. AI cant act bad if we don’t want it to. It is always improvable.

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