Sharing nude pictures on WhatsApp made legal with consent?

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04 Oct, 2017
Sharing nude pictures on WhatsApp
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Sharing nude pictures on WhatsApp, iMessage and other sorts of social media have become a common activity. What follows the most is the form of blackmails in relationships and finally, the victim gives up or commits suicide. The picture shared with consent is used to blackmail.

Is the question should share nude pictures allowed with consent? We have seen groups flooding with some obscene videos, pictures etc. Should this be encouraged out of consent or over the choices? Surveys and studies suggest that half of the young population of the country is involved in sharing nude semi-nude, nude selfies over WhatsApp and other messaging applications.

Well, is there something wrong to express sexuality, especially when you have a trustful relationship with someone? Even after 18! What if you’re blackmailed later? Yes, some feel it ok to share illicit photos with consent. On the other side sharing, nude pictures over WhatsApp is illegal even with the consent of sender and the receiver under section 67 of IT Act 2008.

At times it’s really hard to make a decision when someone whom you love asks for something that might not be a good decision for you. That’s a scary situation never to forget it’s always important to know your rights.

Invading someone’s privacy is offense. So should the issues like this considered to rethink over privacy? It’s my wish, my wish life remember it’s always good to stay safe. Be it fun or be it to express sexuality with consent it’s not safe. We all have heard about the blackmail stories everywhere!

It’s always smart to protect yourself. First of all, you should know receiving nude pictures are sexual harassment and assaults. It is kind of invading to spread a personal document. Remember revenge porn is never ok. Overall this you need a freedom to share then educate yourself about the risks and how safely you’re doing it.

Some feel it’s our privacy nonetheless one should remember the consequence of the issue. There are many other ways to express love, care, feeling etc but not the way that puts you in trouble. Nothing seems safe these days. Keep yourself way and secured. It’s always good you think before you do that is why certain laws are meant to exist.

Are these acts invading our privacy? Should it be legal with consent or not?

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