Influential people get away with crime – Agree or Disagree?

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24 Jun, 2017
Influential People get away with crime
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Do influential people get special treatments and get away with crime? Every day morning newspaper comes with murder, accidents, rape, up hold of trains, drugs, harassment and sometimes even of poisons. We hear on crime allegations reported on common people, political leaders, celebrities and some influential people.

All this feels like crime is inseparable from refined life. We all appear to live on different levels of lifestyles be it in terms of money, power, status etc. Does this all help people get away from crime? Off course undoubtedly the court of law has an incredible amount of power and equality.

Never to forget we know how slow our judiciary system is. Don’t these influential people have the power to escape the public eyes by delaying the case? So, can a person with wealth and higher status escape the law? Does this mean money can win over truth? Do influential people get away with crime easily?

For every person, our judiciary system tries to check the authenticity of the accused by considering elements to prove his/her guilt. To do this the situation, mental state and time etc, are considered. If we look into this there are some external factors to consider proving guiltiness of the accused.

So isn’t the external factor like power, influence and money help influence the verdict. Will these external factors help influential people to escape from the crime? What happened to Agustawestland scam the politician under the allegation where not even investigated. Shouldn’t judicial system become more transparent enough?

While on the other hand- there are lots of cases when celebrities are caught and escaped. Most of the time people who have got more public influence tends to get off. Wasn’t Sanjay Dutt successful in postponing his appointments? However, he was finally found under the law.

Another such incident is Salman Khan hit-and-run case. Sooraj Pancholi in ex-girlfriend Jiah Khan’s mysterious suicide case. Other Celebrities who got into trouble

Influential People get away with crime - Agree or Disagree?

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