Weight loss is an individual responsibility for personality – Yes or No?

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24 Jun, 2017
Weight loss is an individual responsibility for personality
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What is the major cause for weight gain? Although there are many reasons to gain weight but the rigorous concept of individual responsibility matters in cases such as obesity, wrong diets, junk foods and so on. Eating too much or wrong dieting habits? To some extent it’s not!

Weight gain or weight loss both has equal tribulations. Some might wonder gaining few pounds over a year, few people might gain soon within months. Over all it is dependents on an individual responsibility to get health conscious, stay fit and healthy.

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To gain weight you have to eat more that doesn’t mean to lose weight you need to eat less. There are certain things beyond permanently changing the eating habits that requires some changes under the lifestyle.

We all are busy there’s no time for other activities to concentrate on fitness. Remember it’s the responsibility of every individual to build personality. Yes! Someone who eats the same diet and calories will still lose weight by exercise – how many of us really exercise on regular basis?

No matter what few mins can change everything. No big deal if you hate gyms even a light exercise, like 20-minute walk will benefit a lot. We all are so much busy on finding short cuts to lose weight. Instead there are many healthy ways to get rid of weight issues by making sometime for one’s own self for the sake of your own individual responsibility and your loved ones.

Off course you can find something that’s easy that you’re likely to build it as your routine, despite all the holiday session and family commitments etc.

Lifestyles have made us super lazy we drive to shops instead of walk. Remember every step you take helps a lot. You can use stairs instead of lifts but most of us don’t. It’s not possible to burn the fat while eating lots of cakes, sweets and food. Say no to company made diet food products, which can be of wrong choice and can cause more harm than good in long term.

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This doesn’t mean you don’t have to eat you have to learn to limit these foods to small quantities. Like many don’t crash diet which will either make you weak or unhealthy, one such confusion is Vegetarian vs Non Vegetarian diet. There are no shortcuts to lose weight in a healthy and better way.

It is individual’s responsibility to stay and eat healthy. To some extent individual’s responsibility is rested on weight loss. Little things can make a great difference.

Weight loss is an individual responsibility for personality - Yes or No?

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