Dipa Karmakar should have been gifted a House rather than a luxury car?

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Ravi Raj
20 Oct, 2016
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Dipa Karmakar is first Indian women’s artistic gymnastics ever to compete in Olympics by finishing 4th position Women’s artistic gymnastics event in Rio Olympics 2016. I very much appreciate the felicitation, but not sure about the organizers gift a luxury car was any right gesture or was it a publicity stunt. Any sports person making it to the top gets the real cream at the later stage. But the struggle they put in during the initial days will be more like a emotional journey as it’s not only sweat – Mental and physical effort above all invest time and money on the respective sport where the faith will pick only few.

Most of the talented sports people come from a very humble background who excel in respective sport. Their Passion and commitment leads to success. I feel they should have at least thought of gifting a House. For any sports person, if they have decent space for leaving, physiologically it would make them feel secure for life and help them perform better in future.

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