10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Sri lanka

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20 Mar, 2018
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Sri Lanka holds place in the Indian epics of Ramayana. The place which is discovered by Marco Polo it consists of the finest island in the world. Sri lanka history dates back to lots of significance.

Nature, islands, and beauty of the country makes it a must visit place. It’s a complete holiday package for devotionals, adventures, fun and jungles, tea plantation and much more from the list it spots the most beautiful spots in Sri Lanka.

Here are top 10 must see places in Sri lanka : We have handpicked the places for all the age groups starting from temples to fun.

Adam’s Peak

Won’t you love to stand at the peak and chill out. Well, located in a diverse biological site, Adam’s peak is the tallest peak, in central Sri lanka. It’s hold the history of Buddhist religion. The 2,234 meter tall peak is surrounded by green carpets and beautiful historical date backs.

If you want to watch or step into the world of Buddism explore this place. Buddha’s own footprint can be seen here as referred in the history. Try aiming to arrive at the top peak point of the mountain and never miss to see an unforgettable sunrise.


Watch the well preserved colonial city Galle for a breathtaking movement. The town will slip you to Dutch era. Beautiful Villas and seaside watch makes to feel relaxed. Visit the Galle Fort the Ducth built beauty considered as world heritage site and the largest remaining sea fort in Asia.

The fort was built by European occupiers. Watch the non stop natural harbor, St Mary’s Cathedral and Galle international stadium, which are widely acted as the picturesque cricket ground. It’s a must visit place for kids to explore.

Yala National Park

See the big cats in Sri Lanka, yes Yala National Park is the best place to watch tigers. The highest concentration of leopards in the world is here. The park is home for many beautiful creatures.

It’s an important sanctuary for all the commons to watch the elephants and aquatic birds. Monkeys, crocodiles and mush more fly across the park.

The grassy plains of the forest area keeps you occupied to watch the natural beauty. Moreover the park is located at the southeast coast of the island.


Polonnaruwa, is the finest examples of ancient Sinhalese art and architecture. Watch the well preserved tombs, temples, statues and other archaeological sites are located at this town.

Polonnaruwa was one’s capital of the island as well as a busy commercial and religious hub. Hundreds of years ago the historical treasures this which world heritage site has to offer.


The magnificent beaches, luxury hotels and beautiful nature at this coast. Spend a day soaking in the sun at Bentota Beach, catch the Kosgoda turtle Hatchery, or find peace in Galapatha Raja Maha Vihra Buddhist temple.

It’s a hot tourist spot in Sri lanka. So pack your bag and heart for adventures. Activities like helicopter rides and surfing and water sports will splash your heart with joy.


Kandy is located at Plateau the largest city. Kandy is all surrounded with mountains. You will feel surrounded by mountains and nature. It’s also one of the world heritage site, place to get a taste of Sinhalese culture, if you visit during the Esala Perahera festival in the summer.

Visit the Temple of the Tooth is the oldest religion cult. Dated back in the 4th century and holds a very sacred relic. It’s said to be the relic of Buddha’s tooth.

Nuwara Eliya

Another plateau town surrounded by mountains is Nuwara Eliya. It’s known as little England for its old British colonial buildings like the Queen’s cottage and the general’s house.

The area holds many natural beauties, like waterfalls and hills to enjoy the nature. Hills, the towering tea plantations keep your eyes on. Go around the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka Pidurutalagala.

Try a cup of tea at the plantation while you’re visiting there. It’s one of the largest tea plantations in Sri Lanka.


This is the large town house you can find the best preserved cave temple complex. There are five cave temples that you must visit at sri lanka. The collection of the Buddhist artwork, statues, shrines and murals is so admirable. You must check out the best of temple places in Best Places to visit in Kerala. There is lot more to do at Kerala.

The caves, paintings and statues date back to the Buddha era. They all are connected to Buddha’s life. There are 153 Buddha statues in the complex so watch the best and click as many photos possible.

You can also watch and explore on how Srilankan kings, god and their cultural practices was like. The amazing crafted murals is covers 2,100 square meters.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Gaze at the adorable tiny elephants bathing in the river. They heartily play around their siblings and parents and you will love to be here. This an orphanage founded in the year 1975 to feed the wild orphaned elephant.

Now the number of elephants has increased. From the time they launched the breeding program the number has increased at the site. These graceful and beautiful creatures will make your day more memorable so go around the thick forest and enjoy the glimpse of all these beautiful elephants.


It’s a place situated in the Matale district of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is a palace fort known as Lion’s Rock. Time to get adventurous at this historical site you can climb up the ancient ruins, surrounded by beautiful gardens, ponds and magnificent monuments.

This is considered to be one of the most and best ancient sites in the country by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go top of Sigiriya and see the wonderful, dramtic views with the hills and green beauties in the jungle below.

Hope you will love this adventures and beautiful site. So visit and let us know how to felt visiting these places and comment below if you have explored some more places in Sri Lanka.

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