10 Must Visit Places in Singapore

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20 Mar, 2018
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The land of beauty with sky kissing buildings, Singapore is one of the must visit places in the world. From the modern day moonlight architectures to loving nature everything is admirable in Singapore. I bet you will feel as if the stars are landed on earth.

It’s a perfect day for your entire chill out holidays, dates, parties and fun. It also has natural trails to admire. It has several things to comfort all the travelers.

From adventure to shopping streets and temples of lush green gardens and nature is the best place to visit. So land in the world of island city state, scroll down to check out the best places to visit in Singapore :

Gardens by the Bay

This one of the must visit place for every traveler. The place receives lots of admiration and attracts lots of people. The bay garden takes you through the imaginative place and it’s the hottest tourist spot.

The marina bay holds the beautiful tree grove and it is limelight night beauty is amazing. It gives an impression that imaginative place has sorts of attractions to explore the flower dome and cloud forest an eye popping sight. The garden is divided into three bays and you will love to admire the beauty.

Singapore flyer

See it from above the ground. You will get a bird’s eye view of the whole city. If you love sunset movement then stopover dwell and watch the sunslide down.

Singapore Flyer is an observation wheel it’s Asia’s largest wheel. At the flyover you will get to see the sneak peak look into the history and the evolution of Singapore.

Botanic gardens

While you visit Singapore Botanic Garden is worth the time. The charming lush green places will make you feel relaxed. It’s Singapore’s first UNESCO world heritage site, this garden consists of the endemic species and flora.

It’s the right place for all the nature lovers and inside the park there are lots of attractions. The Garden is surrounded by lakes sucked with duck and swans.

You will love walking around exploring the beautiful Mother Nature. It’s one of the crowd pulling gardens in the city.

Singapore zoo

A visit to Singapore zoo will make your eyes and heart happy. the beautiful endangered animals and the nature is a happy family venue to visit.

At the Singapore zoo you can see the rarest of the rarest Giraffes, Koalas, white Tigers, Zebras and much more. Don’t you want to watch these rare species?

You can also find species such as polar bear and raccoon dogs in Fragile Forest you will find the thick rainforest filled with beetles and flying foxes. It’s the best day trip offering all the attractive things to do and relax.

Sea Aquarium

This is impressive and unique the Sea located on Sentosa Island. You can walk under the aquarium. It’s the aquarium that attracts both adults and kids. Being the most friendly place this venue is home for more than 100,000 marine species.

The unmatched experience to watch with head yelled high. The turtles , the corals, the sharks and sting rays all are magnificent attractions. You can dive into the shark sea swim with numerous species. We bet you will have an extraordinary experience here.

Sentosa islanda

When you plan to visit Singapore you mind always thinks where to head. One of the amazing places to see is the Sentosa islanda it’s a package for fun, entertainment, relaxations and food.

Walk across the beach and love the hotspot of the suntime mood. Sentosa Islanda is packed with lots of activities and serval attractions to beach. So you can play there on free volley ball courts and go skim boarding.

Go underwater aquarium and explore the dolphins. You must also see the famous the Merlion, statue, Fort Siloso. Check out the Trick Eye Museum it’s a fun place for kids and adults.

Punggol waterway park

Punggol Waterway Park is a family tourist destination in Singapore. This park is a package of four themed areas for people to have a relaxing and enjoyful time.

The park is themed with Nature Cove, to watch the sight nature in relaxed mode. You can see the waterway surround by nature with delightful lightings. Also check the similar Top 10 must visit places in Malayasia
Green gallery is filled with flora and fauna. This place will make you admire the beautiful trees. Recreation zone is all set make you wet in the sand and pool of water.

Pulau ubin

A trip to Pulau Ubin is entirely a different feeling. This small island of Singapore is one of the two remaining kampongs.

This island is not for the beach seekers but there are few things that you can enjoy. Pulau Ubin has lush green nature with abundant wildlife it’s one of the best place for travel photographers and nature lovers.

After the sight watching visit Butterfly Hill will give an insight to nature love. For those who love adventures explore the Pulau Ubin which has Chek Jawa wetlands.

Go up the Jejawi Tower and have a panoramic view of the island it’s a perfect place for the bird watchers. You can also go cycling along the Ubin’s biking and trails. Overall it’s an unbelievable experience.

Clarke quay

For all the day break trills and chill up activities this is a perfect place. It’s completely meant for all the night crawlers.

Clarke quay is a perfect night out destination in Singapore packed with pubs, rooftop bars, food and much more. You can enjoy the madness of Singapore night and stroll across the buzzing streets, and watch the skyscrapers on the Singapore River.

For all the adventure you can go bungee jumping. This place will surely provides you a wonderful time during the Singapore trip
Changi Beach

Go day trip to Changi Beach its one of the most visited places in Singapore. This place has a beach park with the coastal parks. The beach longway park that claims across 28 hectare beach.

Come the sunny day or any day you won’t let yourself down after visiting the place. It has lots of tourist attractions and many leisure activities to relax.

It’s all for family picnic and a good complimentary of sun set is the best gift at this place. You can also do an overnight camping won’t you love it. The overnight camping under the star and beautiful beach is a must spend day at Singapore beach.

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