Women need reservations in parliament? Yes or No

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05 Dec, 2017
Women need reservations in parliament?
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Recently Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu promised to fight for 33% reservation for women in the legislative bodies. Many political parties are trying hard to get this bill passed. Now, that the idea is plagued by many political parties. I have few questions to rise over the concept of reservation for women.

Is the concept of women’s reservation a good idea?

Well, the concept of Women’s reservation bill is a good idea I agree with the fact that women should take part actively in politics. So far that it would lead to gender equality resulting in empowerment. Nonetheless, reservation isn’t the only way to bring the outcome. When men can equally participate in politics why not women?

Yes, it is helpful to fight discrimination and abuse which has melted them out. It’s a golden chance for women to actively participate in our governance. But will this not take away the democratic right of 33% electorate to elect their representatives in order to fill the reserved seats for women.

The law is raising questions about the abilities of women and promoting gender inequality. Reservation is not going to be a big thing for them. If a woman is empowered she can take care of the family and governing duties of our country. She has the ability to multi-task.

Can’t she compete equally with men?

Instead of compulsory reservation women can be empowered to hold seats in parliament based on their interest, services and equally compete with men. Women need to occupy their places with self ability we have witnessed many politicians like Mrs Indira Gandhi, Late former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, we also have external minister Mrs Sushma Swaraj, Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani –minister of information and broadcasting, Nirmala Sitharaman serving as a defence minister. Who are doing great at politics we need more of self-monitored motivation rather than reservation.

Why do we need women’s reservation?

To fight equal rights reservation is not the best way to do it. It automatically tests the ability of the women to fight on her own and needs support. What we need is the change in thought process, at the basic levels. Allowing girls and women’s to explore their abilities getting the reservation don’t fight their rights of equality or better power.

How women’s reservation bill is favored? How it helps women?

It’s great if the bill is passed. They must not be voiced for men. The requirement is for them because they want to be in power for governance. They must handle everything independently. For example look at the Karnataka city council a post is reserved for women and they are there. Some find it easy to fill the posts reserved for them. In one way it makes way for them to enter politics.

We have many capable women come in, not because of the reservation but based on their capabilities. The structure of election and becoming the member is same for both and men. Women, can self-fight to pack a seat in the assembly?

According to the ‘Global Gender gap index survey by world economic forum India ranked 123 in terms of economic participation, 121 in educational attainment and just 17 in political empowerment’ these figures do not seem like encouraging women’s reservation bill in one way we need better strategies to implement these concepts. Majority of women’s life is a poor. Women’s health, education, earning capacity is all bad. Ownership property is very low. Everything is low and bad. So where is the question of taking up space do anything for them?

The major controversy about women’s reservation bill is the potential threat that it goes against the OBC representation in parliament and benefits elite, privileged women. Why is it anxiety?

When we look at current parliament, not many women are there. There is nothing like elitist women or to do with where and how a woman is, but one can move up the ladder. There are many alternatives that make difference, for example, say education it takes them few steps forward towards their achievement. It makes them self-dependent and empowered.

“If women want equality and succeed to the top like men, they need to stand on their own feet economically willpower and strength.” Late former CM TN- Jayalalitha

Source: http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_GenderGap_Report_2012.pdf

Do women need reservations in parliament?

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