Vegetarian vs Non Vegetarian what is good for you?

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16 May, 2017
vegetarian vs non vegetarian diet
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The ongoing discussions on vegetarian vs non vegetarian diet is never ending. People are so much confused on what seems to be healthy. Well say a person is introduced to the diet choices based on his/her culture, religion and other identities since the childhood. Doesn’t mean diet choices remains the same all the time.

Time and now diets change according to the lifestyles too. That is when these kind of questions raise up. Choices of food can change due to dietary habits, health conditions and off course because of the taste habits too. But which among this is good for you?

Well with the fact that Non vegetarians are prone to diseases that doesn’t mean vegetarians are super safe. A very few % of people follow a proper diet. The all time veggies favorites like cheese burgers, fresh fries are equal to non veg meals.

As the lifestyle is changed food habits to have changed so there is risk of getting disease in both the cases equally. So what both the diet consists of valuable and healthy nutrients.

All you have to do is follow a well balanced diet. Balanced diet with fruits, vegetables and moderate amount of meat is all good for you.

Natures Basket (CPA)

To stay healthy and eat what you want is all possible. Doesn’t mean veg is good and non veg is bad. Both have an equal role on health. While veg diet provides miners, vitamins, irons etc. Non veg provides lots of protein essential to build the body muscle.

So you need to plan a balanced diet properly done with the optimum amount of protein, vitamins and minerals.

So taking fried foods once in a while doesn’t harm you, like wise consuming healthy diet one day doesn’t solve the health problems. One day will not have any effects on your health. So why not eat both as a balanced diet.

Do you agree following a proper diet is healthy? Rather than the pointless discussions

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