Are we Urban Indian ready to take cycle to work?

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05 Dec, 2017
Are we Urban Indian ready to take cycle to work?
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Are we Urban Indian ready to take cycle to work? State pollution control board shows that there are no virtual places in India complying with WHO and National Ambient Air Quality standards, most of the cities are critically polluted. Except for few places in India the entire country is under public health crisis due to air pollution levels.

Apart from pollution city life is too busy, urban people are often running out of time. Traffic jams, honking, air pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise doesn’t seem new.

So why can’t we try cycling to work? What it seems like going on cycle!

Fuel costs and tire upkeep is rising concern. Say if we drive around four miles each week with the bicycle instead of a car, you would be saving a lot in a year. It’s a free gym when starts paddling you’re shedding your pounds instantly without hitting the gym.

On average, bicycle commuters lose 13 pounds in their first year of cycling. If you’re overweight and start exercising it’s harder on joins because you are overweight so cycling is not pounding on joints it can be a good thing.

You can keep away from traffic jams and pollution!

Half of the working population in India commutes miles or less to work, with bike, cars or bus taking the same amount of time as commuting by car or a bike. You can save your time and go with no stress. You’re more likely to get rid of bus sickness. Fresh air can do lots of good to a body. We all have witnessed air pollution and lined up sickness like infection, cold, dust allergies etc.

Why aren’t we ready to take cycle to work?

If one as to carry cycle to work firstly we lack cycle tracks. There is no fresh feeling as we sweat a lot. Requires lots of energy and safeguarding materials there will be problems initially but they it wil eco-friendly promotes health and eco friendly commuting.

It’s best not to carry backpacks while cycling and the roads in urban India aren’t so wide. There are no bike tracks so one as to ride on the road edges and other vehicles whizzing past cycler. In some cases one has to get ready to pick up the cycle and cross medians.

It all depends on your capacity to tolerate and handle the motorbikes sneaking in between lines. Drivers blowing horns since cycling is not a high social status. There are no separate lanes for bicycles to park. Our footpaths to needs to be cycling friendly like in western countries. However, the practice of cycling in urban India is too less.

Roads here is not flat so with the inclined road it’s difficult to ride while you slide down the speed of a bicycle can be so high that you have to use break. There is very little consideration for pedestrians and cyclists. The roads are not well planned before being built.

Overall, cycling to work keeps you more energized whole day and helps to focus on work. Travelling in car or bus is bit frustrating experience. Unless and until individuals contribute to the share can all the problems set free.

In Europe, US and UK cycling is popular as they are aware of the benefits. Cyclist has lots of advantages and facilities provided. In India we have to evolve to this level still- Priority in India is more of car and bike we don’t mind about EMI’s or spending on quality cycle.

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