Top 10 places to visit in Thailand

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20 Mar, 2018
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Thailand is the world’s most attractive places. Most of these places are used as backdrops in several Hollywood movies. They are crop up platforms for modern fiction and television documents. You must witness the beautiful Grand Palace and watch the Railey beach sunset and go down the beach.

Thailand has everything from historical monuments to adventures this is the right place for a holiday package. You will be guaranteed to shiver up the beautiful Thailand trip and much more are unforgettable.

If your confessed to pick the best places in Thailand. We have handpicked some of the must see places in Thailand. Scroll down to check the best holiday package here:

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Grand Palace is one of must visit place in Thailand. Your trip is incomplete without looking at the dazzling, spectacular Grand Palace its one of the famous landmark of Bangkok. Built in 1782 was home for all the Thai King, the Royal court.

Watch the awesome architecture and admire the craftsmanship of Thai people. As the sun sets, the golden pagodas are beautiful to watch. Trucked with walled in complex, the Grand Palace is famous attraction to draw all the tourists from every corner.

It’s a perfect place to picturesque and takes stunning photographs with lush green court guard. There is famous attraction is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Similan Islands

One of the beautiful islands on earth, it looks like a postcard of Thailand. Similan islands has nine upwelling’s formed by hot magma. The island is all filled with lush green and green blue water you will love being here.

The island witness lots of travelers and thrills people with its beauty. For people who love adventure go diving and island hopping. These islands boast with rich coral reefs and beautiful rocks and offer a fascinating experience.

Watch the clear and calm air and witness the colourful species of fish wiggling from the water. The turquoise water is surround by this Similan Islands so you will love being here.

Floating Markets

Bangkok’s colourful floating market is an awesome place to watch. Floating markets are familiar to boats and watch all the marketers. Bangkok’s floating markets are familiar you can shop little differently here.

Sail across the market bloats and you will love click photos. The floating market boats are pilled with vegetables, fresh fruits, redymade juice and local food cooked from the floating boat kitchen.

Don’t you want to experience the new feeling of shopping? Enjoy hanging out at the boat water shopping zone you will love it.

Khao Yai National Park

If you have seen a beautiful scenery then you can see in reality. UNESCO world heritage site, Khao Yai is Thailand’s second largest and most visited national park.

The park is spread across four provinces. You can watch the highest peak at Khao Rom above the sea level.

Blessed with lush, mountainous landscape, with fertile valleys, pounding waterfalls and rich lust green forest Khao Yai is the right place.

It’s the world that boasts a range of wild west theme parks and vineyards of Thailand. Check the beautiful waterfalls from Prachinburi’s jungle clad and love the place.


Phetchburi is considered one of the oldest settlements in the country. It’s a perfect place for exploring the culture and beauty of Thailand. You can slip back to the age of eighth century, the city is known for cultural highlights of any trip to Thailand.

The city is home for numerous historical monuments and magnificent temples to Royal palace. Phetchaburi thrives on lush green agriculture which is reflected in its extensive markets and local stuffs.

Few tourists make through these Thai culture and lifestyle. For people who nature the lush green sites, caves and jungle areas are the best to watch.

Koh Mak

while Koh Mak is busy welcoming lots of tourists, Koh Mak has retained all the cultural calues and Buddhist essence. It speaks about the whole beautiful spots in the country. It’s home for 10,000 palm trees, a fishing village and charming temples.

It’s one of the authentic spots in the country to visit. Apart from a few resorts and restaurants you can have fun and watch the nearby Marine park that offers visitors the opportunity to explore the surrounding sea life and waterspot activities.

Chiang Rai

This is a beautiful white temple that allures the visitors with a breath taking architectural beauty. At the first glance, your heart will race has you watch the white structure. The exterior’s of the temple is perfectly designed.

You feel like in the fairyland which appears like a frozen temple.
It has a symbolic design and structure to curve about life and death. They speak about the whole cycle of birth and rebirth and how they can notice.

Likewise there are many statues nad symbols that is has its own meaning. You need to watch this place out and explore lot more on this.

This is a deep understanding of past, birth and death. If not is place to see the beautiful frozen white temple. So don’t miss it!

Ayutthaya historical park

Ayutthaya Historical Park it was once the largest cities in the world. Ayutthaya has lot of interesting pieces and stuff to displays brilliance of the place. For examples Thai art and today, the place is considered has a historical site is under UNESCO protection.

There are many places to visit Ayutthaya Historical Park include Wat Ratchaburana, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, Wat Mahathat, Wiharn Phra Mongkhon Bopit and Wat Phra Ram.

The must watch and famous place is Wat Mahathat, you can see the head of Buddha that protrudes out from the branches of a tree, this probably is the most photographed object in the park along with Wat Yai Chai Mongkol.

Experience the thai-burma railway

During the world war this lane had a infamous death railway despite. It holds a solitary yet alluring ambience.The Thai-Burma Railway, will roll back to its history, the rail lane built from Thailand to Myanmar for easy access to transport weapons, soldiers and equipments.

Today however, this track has become a tourist attraction, and it whistles from Nong Pladuk railway station about 50 km from Bangkok to Nam Tok railway station.

The rail will cross the wooden bridge over the River Kwai you must experience this. The ride also takes you to explore the life of prisoners and Asian workers who lost their lives.

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