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21 Mar, 2018
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Canada is one of world’s beautiful places. Most of us love to visit this place. Off course, it’s the place for all the amazing adventures and fun.

It’s not easy to narrow down the list of places to visit Canada. There are lots of places to visit in Canada. We have handpicked some of the best places. Here are 10 must see spots in Canada:


Banff National park, is huge and the inside view of the whole area is surrounded by Rocky Mountain. The place is filled with blue glacial lakes, waterfalls, wildlife and breathtaking nature. It’s a one step place to watch all the natural beauties.

There is hub of homes to classic hotels that you can stay around the lake. Lake louise, is good for hiking trails up the tip of the mountains and beautiful silence. You will love being at this place exploring the natural beauty.


Canada’s tallest peak don’t you want to be there at the tallest peak. Mount Logan, altitude 19,551 feet this huge giant national park in the western Yukon 22,000 square kilometers of blue glaciers, with lush green valleys and the bold lined sky, aboard a helicopter or airplane equipped with snow landings.
Even the better you can do is the park’s vast networks.

You can walk for days without seeing another person. The place is super beautiful surrounded by natural place and lakes. Wildlife and mountain greenery, lake it’s the best place to relax and enjoy the best.


GROS MORNE NATIONAL PARK is at the coast of western newfoundland, this is one of the unique park. You must have watched many parks still date. This is truly unique park, a place that packs a beautiful geological diversity.

The coastal lowland, soaring peaks, untouched lakes, waterfalls and even a beautiful sparkling nature. Watch the cliffs and nature. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, is considered has geological wonder, the earth’s beauty is exposed very well.


If you love adventure this is the place. Far away from the country this is the best place to see. You will experience the most adventures and beautiful place to visit. The name is known for the best surf town in North America. Also check out the nearby beautiful places in USA. Here are top 10 must visit places in USA

This is a beautiful beach town clinging to the Wild West coast of Vancouver Island, despite being at a little remote location; you can go surfing, nature lovers and those with wandering nature beauty exploration.

Located at the south of town, the big long beach is the best place. You can walk around the long beach of great waves and adorable beauty.


A spread of reddish sand skirting cool Atlantic waters this is the place to stay. The rolling hills are the best pleasant to spend a summer’s day.

The temptation to stay and visit at this beach may be strong, a trip to this beach is awesome. This is a complete fun packed and relaxing spots on earth.

To linger on the beach is strong; a trip to this beach would not be completed without being at historic sites. The green gables heritage place is the home of all the islands and the beauty nature.


This place was shortlisted in an international competition has a new seven wonders of the natural word. So you can imagine how beautiful this place seems to be like. The tides on this big bay are truly a mind blowing experience.

This is extremely a beautiful place on earth, they rise and fall more than 50 feet in some places. These can be seen with a dramatically at the place like Hopewell rocks, the unique stone formation at low tide, from towers on dry land is awesome to experience.


Churchill is set on the shores of Hudson Bay, it’s a town that has earned international fame as the polar bear capital of the world. You can watch plenty of polar bears here. There are lots more to watch the beauty of the whole nature.

The town has a polar bear jail, it holds wayward bears that wander in town and they can be released back into the wild. Seen on the foot, from the air or from a boat, watching thes polar bear is an unforgettable experience.


It’s one the best trips you can ever watch. The Muskoka Lakes – Toronto’s favorite cottage country it’s had been a destination for weekend warriors from the city.

The lake is surrounded by natural greenery with different tree leaf colors. You can watch the never ending beauty and experience the sunset without any miss. Apart from watching the beauty you can feel the water and nature all over the place.

Shop at the charming villages at this village region, they can log some serious time on Joseph, Muskoka or smaller lakes in the area.


This is one of the best places in Toronto. You should never miss to watch this place. The tower is famous place in Toronto. Dimmed with water around the tower it is one of the cool and relaxing place to explore the place.

Toronto’s landmark is the tallest freestanding structure on earth it is 1,815 feet. CN Tower is still one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Its world’s largest tower on earth, despite the fact that it has lost its glory this place is still well known.

With the additional vertiginous glass floor and installation features, such as Edgewalk, which dare people to walk along the abyss on five feet wide span towers, there are 116 stories above the ground.


This is on e of the oldest city in North America; Quebec City holds both Europe charm and unmistakable charm of the French Canadian character. It also bears the destination to visit the place; it has a lot to explore on the history of Canada.

Home of all the iconic structures and places this is one of the best cities to explore. Chateau Frontenac, Poutine, the clip clopping of horse carriages on the streets, as well as the New France Festival is world famous winter carnival, there is always plenty to do and see at this city.

So now that the list is ready now you can explore Canada without second thought. You can explore Canada without second thought after the trip list. Enjoy the glimpse of nature and adventure. It’s a complete holiday package for all the family members, kids, couples.

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