Top 10 Best And Must Visit Places in Goa

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21 Mar, 2018
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Are you looking for a vacation at Goa? Thinking where to head? Look deeper, head to island and dip in sun sand, sea beach and booze and bistros. This time try different Goa as well and you will come back with more memories in life.

There are much more surprises to experience Goa.Check out the 10 best places to visit in Goa and thing to do in Goa without fail.

Calangute Beach

It’s one of the most popular beaches in Goa. The top tourist place that is recommended to many tourists in Goa. The It is the busiest commercial beach in Goa and during the peak holidays.

The beach is swamped with lots of people from all over the world. It offers the amazing coastline feeling of the sea and the beach in front with dotted restaurants, clubs and shopping outlets.

You can enjoy a water sports at Calangute beach. For those who love adventure, peace of mind, good family visit and much more this is the place. This is popularly known as queen of beached. It tops the list of top places to visit in Goa.

Fort Aguada

A trip down to history! The fort is beautifully designed with greenery with beach across. You must watch this place. The well preserved portiguese fort is located on Sinquerim beach.

The fort is ringed with deep dry moat. You must visit inside of the fort and check out the 13 metre high lighthouse built in 1864 and capable of storing ten million liters of fresh water. Fresh water is supplied to ships that stop there.

More interestingly some buildings are converted into a jail and it happens to be the largest jail in Goa. It’s a best sightseeing place to visit in Goa.

Deltin Royale Casino

The Deltin Royale Casino boat is the largest casino boat in Goa. So what’s so special? It offers 24 hours of fun and entertainment. It is spread across 40,000 sq ft of luxury live gaming with 85o gaming positions.

Get live entertainments on the restaurant floor.

All you need to do is buy an entry and play package to acess casino. It’s the best place for family kids and everybody. You can also choose to buy a stay. Remember casino is closes on national holidays.

Chapora Fort

The popular fort is known for the Bollywood’s film making. Check our “Dil Chahta Hai” picturised, the Chapora fort. It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit. Today the fort is bit in bad condition.

There are some sensational must watch views. The view at the peak of the fort exhibiting the beauty of coastlines is the best feeling you can ever see. This is the best place for all the nature lover and photo enthusiasts.

Pandava Caves and Arvalem and Waterfall

A complete nature packed beauty to explore. Located at North Goa Pandava cave and Arvalem waterfalls date backs to 6 th century. The cave complex is divided into 5 compartments and the linga is enshrined in middle of the compartment and held in great reverence by devotees.

Another attraction to these Pandava caves is the Arvalem waterfalls. The water regarlessly flowing from the height of 50 meters is breathtaking watch. There is a park nearby from where you can watch the waterfalls as well as the lake at the bottom.

Dudhsagar Falls

It literally means sea of milk, Dudhsagar falls is 4th tallest waterfall of India. The falls appear spectacular during the monsoon after being fed by rains.

There is a beautiful bridge that pass in front of the waterfalls and passing through the bridge makes the passengers to view the falls in close up.

You can also get down at Dudhsagar station and walk on the railways tracks it’s a beautiful feeling, but this is not recommend look through safety and try.

The most popular thing to do here is go trekking. Trail the mountain terrain through trekking it’s a beautiful thing to do. You can also go on jeep to the waterfalls.

There are many ways to reach this falls. Visit the falls by most adventurous trekking o explore more of fun and beauty.

Mormugao Fort

It’s an ancient well preserved symbol of the Portuguese rule over Goa. The fort was built to protect the port and its water. The fort has five prisons, three magazines, chapel and 20 bulwarks with soldier quarter.

It’s a complete historical view you can imagine the decades of the historical rule and places.
The fort is best to visit during summer and in daylight to navigate the uneven terrain.

You can explore the decade backs Goa live at this century at this fort. Watch the traditional Goan fishing boats lined up along the shore of Varca beach from the fort in summer. Also try visiting Thailand if you love nature, fort and histrocial places.

Arambol Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, the beach is divided into 2 Arambol and Harmal. Harmal is popular because of the cliffs surroundings. This beach is less commercialized its calm and a relaxing place to visit.

Visit the jungle valley close to the beach. The valley is filled with several species of wildlife. The pool in valley is relaxing properties. Visitors can also enjoy the bit of water sports at the beach.
Another popular thing to do at the beach is the Dolphin spotting.

Local fishermen organize this dolphin spotting tips on boats and they are cheap. You can also make a stay at the beach.

Grand Island

For a taste of adventure this is the place. A perfect day trip in Goa, this island is ideal for scuba diving, with some of the best sites. You can venture a lot at this Grand island at Bounty Bay, Shelter Cove and Suzy’s Wreck which is the best place for dive sites.

You can catch the boat, and go to the deep water sites. Off the island dive sites is the famous Suzy’s Wreck. It’s wreck of 135 meter British vessels and sunk off the coast. There is also Davy Jones locker ship a little away from the island. Grand island has a few spots to rest, relax and fun.

You can also go to sailing rock, the beautiful challenging task to watch the strong sea current. There is Umma Gumma reef, where you can find lobsters, needlefish, white tip reef sharks, turtles and fishes. It’s the best place for all the fun, peace and adventure.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

If to want to experience the close hand of nature here is the place. Take a look at the wildlife as you stroll. Head to Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa. The sanctuary is prominent eco tourism destination is former portugese colony with beaches, churches and colonial relics.

Bondla is the best place for all the nature lovers and children. Go across the sanctuary, Bondla zoo, deer safari and botanical gardens. The most common animals inhabit the sanctuary with Goa’s state animal, deer, panther, jungle cat, wild boar and the Malabar giant squirrel.

The area is covered with deciduous forests and evergreen paths. Find hundred of bird species and large collection of plants. It’s one the best place for nature lovers and people to explore.

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