Does strict parenting lead to more successful children?

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14 Nov, 2017
Does strict parenting lead to more successful children
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Does strict parenting lead to more successful children? Many of us have grown up in families where strict mother or father making our life like hell at times. The constant nagging and trying to stay on top was surely a difficult task, but some feel strict parents usually have successful children. Do you think this is the right approach?

Yes, parents should instill right values as their children grow up, but the approach shouldn’t be aggressive. The parenting module differs but the way child is approached matters a lot. Sometimes parents play a vital role towards child’s future. Remember over aggressiveness and fear will take them nowhere. In fact, it all depends on the child’s ability. The best way to monitor the child’s future is to work on their interest.

On the other hand, when parents are strict children end up being successful. They appreciate all the efforts of parents to raise in the right way. Will the children whose parents have high expectations are confident? Strict partnering should also serve as an example of happiness, health and accomplish children has great models. As we arrive at this world, our parents do a lot for us. So far are we all ready to repay them? One way to repay parents is through success.

When parenting is worked together with children on building confidence and self-esteem they can be more relaxed this will allow them to choose what’s in their best interest in given solution and won’t let peer pressure influence their decisions. Success isn’t rested under rich or poor it depends on the way how one is working towards it.Any child can be successful.

Parents should set standards and aspirations by trying to make their children think and act in a certain way can harm them a lot. Yes, there are certain rules and guidelines for a more fulfilling life but the trick it should be altered in the right approach.

Instead of measuring the child’s success to higher standards, parenting should actually help them more they should be taught them how to be the best they can find their own way by doing things that make them happy.

Off course children who had persistent parents are also successful. It may sound unrealistic but demanding and strict parents do have more successful children. In many cases, we have success doing what they believe to be most convenient for us.

Most children consider parents their true enemy growing up but assure putting up in the right way. Sometimes strict parenting kind of help in later life. If the child is persuaded in the right way the best is out. One has to recognize and appreciate the efforts of their children. It all depends on the approach and parenting of the child.

Does strict parenting leads to more successful children?

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