Spirituality is a positive factor in our society

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26 Jun, 2017
Spirituality is a positive factor in our society
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The word spirituality is quite frequently used. There are many spiritual leaders preaching spirituality concepts. How is spirituality related to life and society? Is spirituality free from all materialistic wants?

Traditionally being spiritual means having attached to religion, values, customs, spirits etc. The real concept of spirituality is meant to reach the higher level of consciousness.

Positive elements like purpose, connectivity, protection and the aspects of life is balanced between the mind and soul to live in harmony. People feel being spiritual is difficult. Spirituality can be achieved by helping people, listening to music, gardening etc. When the soul is immersed in pleasure your connected to the soul easily.

Spirituality is when you work together to reach a goal, say deeds, like raising funds, playing, helping others, living in peace and harmony, wouldn’t this be good to society.

There are many ways to connect to the soul. Connectivity to the soul is based on the concept of humanity. On the other side, spirituality can lead to over self-consciousness, the traditional means of religion based spirituality can disturb the sense of secularism, living together, interacting and more self-controlled that can harm the society.

Spirituality is more of a person loving oneself and others. They usually care for everything; they are more a kind-hearted individual. On the other side, it can become too much-making others lazy when someone is helping, one can become judgmental over lots of things leading to bias in the society.

As we know there are religious people who are extremely righteous, judgmental and mean. Both religious aspects of spirituality can lead to a conflict of interest. For example: at times spiritual leaders mislead people on religion basis. Some completely focus on customs, god but love is rarely spoken.

If one needs to be spiritual, the person must let the kindness guide on lighting peace. Recognize and learn to honor each other with oneness only then it can have a positive effect on society.

Spirituality is a positive factor in our society?

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