Should we humans eat to live or live to eat?

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23 May, 2017
Eat to live and not live to eat
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Today we are all in the ruthless reality – May be because we are living to eat but not eating to live long. Yes! eat to live – Eating out of necessity is often hard because some foods are damn tasty. Sometimes we eat little more than required.

Nevertheless lifestyles have let gone the practice of eating healthy. Infact anything that is available is feasted faster. That’s actually not wrong! But eating mindfully has greater difference. It’s always important to keep a watch on all the food trends you feast on.

I’m not telling to limit on what you eat but pay attention to what you eat, how much you eat, food labels, sourcing and ingredient lists. Remember, what you eat makes so quality matters too.

Natures Basket (CPA)

So live to eat on the other hand doesn’t serve the real human needs. It’s more of self actualization point for few. Some people don’t believe in eating to survive but they enjoy eating because it gives them joy, happiness and what not! It’s all beyond emotional, social, psychological stuffs.

It’s so very important to enjoy what you eat at the same time you can’t eat something that can put on health at risk isn’t it. Off course we all want to live long and healthy. So, what is good – Eat to live or live to eat?

So what’s so special about Eat to live this is one common phenomenon that despite food reducing starvation keeps a person healthy and active. However, sometime you want to party, freak into pizzas, burgers, and yumm foods. How healthy they are?

So my point here is not to argue on healthy foods but definitely on eat to live or live to eat. The main point I am trying to make is why we don’t view food as energy and nothing beyond that. Off-course we all need energy to live. Let’s not over do it.

You don’t have to hang up between good or bad, clean or unclean, healthy or unhealthy. This will surely lead to very bad relationship with food.

The best approach is to balance and moderate on what you should eat to live and sometimes it’s fine to eat out of needs, but if you do beyond eat to live then you are sure to harm your life for all the pleasure, happiness, time saving sake.

I’m sure to get all your healthy food you need to balance say example fish, meat, grains for protein. You may also eat pizzas, burgers, a piece of chocolate cake or rice is all the same difference. Infact both give you energy. To live we require energy. So, don’t live to eat, eat to live.

Indian economy overall is doing well enough, some of sectors like Tech Industry, BPO, Tourism, e-commerce and logistics etc., have created jobs for new generation. Off course even then we have unemployment, which needs to be balanced.

Modern lifestyle is consuming our thoughts and creating an urge to spend. Generally, what we notice around is most of the younger generation copying western lifestyle when it comes to clothing, eating out in food chain, luxury pubs/restaurants and cafes, where we see more consumption at the same time food wasted.

May be not all, some have the burden and commitments of life, while some youngest are getting surpluses amount to spend. We are fortunate to have 3 meals a day but there are people, who struggle to get single meal a day.

Some families struggle to eat healthy due to rise in food inflection, when there is serious hunger problem, how can they afford healthy food. Why do we waste food? Food wasted is unfortunate it happens for varies different reasons and at different stages, production, distribution, retail and consumption.

Natures Basket (CPA)

Eat to live and not live to eat can reduce amount of food that ends up in the bin. Let’s help those who really need food for survival. Feeding India is one such not-for-profit social enterprise which aims to connect two major social problems today. Hunger and Food waste.


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