Are Security cameras invading our privacy or tracking crime?

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18 Apr, 2017
Security Cameras Good or Bad
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CCTV Security cameras has been around the market from very longtime this little gadgets act as an additional eye to law makers to keep a watch on criminal activities. CCTVs have shed light on many criminal cases around the world with the aid of security cameras. Surveillance Cameras are definitely key players in today’s society. Now, what if the lens is tilted to your home, would it be alright? Would it be alright in regards to privacy?

If security cameras are there to ensure safety then why should there be a issue regarding the invasion of privacy? What actually make people uncomfortable? Well having a security camera on street where crimes might logically be committed is fine this can help track the criminal activities and off cousre they are fine in stores in general areas. But at times these camera’s are hindering the privacy well public places fine but what is there any need for camera in dressing rooms or other private areas because that is kind of invading our privacy.

There is a very thin line between providing security or privacy invasion. That poses a real threat when the footage would be leaked out or misused by the neighbors or dressing room places. For example when house is vacant will then be very easy to determine the activities yet that shouldn’t sacrifice our privacy. Why? Because it is every human beings right, if our privacy is no longer private what personal place do we have left? When a neighbors lens angles can track our own house.


Are Security cameras invading our privacy or tracking crime?

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