Rise of Junk food corners contribute to child Obesity?

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27 Jun, 2017
Rise of Junk food corners
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Fast food chains are gaining popularity in Indian families. Every junction of our city is filled with junk food. These foods have become an important dietary menu for children. Availability of these stuffs is included everywhere not sparing the school premises too.

Cold drinks, soda, chips and many other foods are offered with the low value of nutrition sale of these junk foods in school cafeteria often competes over nutritious food lunch schemes. Apart from this kids love all those yummy pizzas, burgers, cakes etc fact is that there is no vivid restriction on these food joints nor parents have limited choices to stop them feast on western food.

All this has led to exponential rise in number of obese kids in urban sectors. This is because most of these junk food target children.

Remember! These junk foods affect children in worst ways possible leading to child obesity and other side effects. There is a sustained prototype of eating junk food and eating out. That two – third of chocolate, cookies, cakes and fewer French fries or one half of a soda can create all types of harm.

Consumption of high saturated fat, salt, sugar and calorie content can lead to early obesity and cardiovascular problems. Despite all the traditional foods kids prefer fast foods. Proximity of all these fast food joints drives them crazy. Kids are lured by marketing strategies and ads that make kids junk addicts.

You allow them even after obesity being linked to health conditions, illness, heart diseases, stroke, fatty liver, cancers and joint disorders. Food eaten away from home with the western outlets can lead to excess calorie intake and increase obesity risk because of the protein sizes, sugar content, energy density of the food.

Child Obesity seems like a major public health concern. The correlation of increased fast food has increased BMI among children.

Remember! Unlike traditional Indian food western food is highly caloric it is difficult to digest that is why western cuisines are thought to be full of fat. Meat, butter, cheese are the stapled ingredients.

These fast foods are typically high in fats, calories, saturated, sodium and Tran’s fat. Eating these stuffs has become a major habit for children these junk foods contain higher calories compared to home meals.

Ones a while these are good but not offen! However fast food intake can be reduced by implementing laws to regulate the marketing of foods in Indian market.

The nutrition labels, quality and low fat menu among children and parents have to be educated. Promotion and awareness of healthy food diet needs to be increased to avoid health problems!

Junk food corners contribute to child Obesity?

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