How to remove unwanted body hair for Women & Men?

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24 Jan, 2018
How to remove unwanted body hair for Women & Men?
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Hair removal is the most annoying factor for every woman and men. There are different types of hair removal measures most of which are expensive, time consuming and painful. Yet, we tend to shave it off or painfully wax it. Now, it’s time to consider some easy hair removal options.

May be we want something less itchy, easy and faster to get rid of the hair a little more permanently. You can alter your hair removal procedure instead of painful laser treatments or waxing.

If you’re curious about removing unwanted hairs painlessly. There are many hair removal options that can help you get rid of the fuzzy shaving, depilatory cream, waxing and reduces the pain, cost and longevity.

Everyone has hairs on their body, under the arms, legs, hands and so on. Some body hair seems alike, but when the hair gets thick, and darkens it makes you look like hair rug around the body parts.

There are many ways to get rid of the unwanted hair. There will be no harshness, and definitely has no risk of razor burns. There are best methods to get rid of the body hair, read more to find out some of the simple methods to remove the hairs naturally.

We are familiar with many shaving methods.

Here are some precautions to remove unwanted hair safely:


Most of us are familiar with this option, but shaving removes hair at skin level. What are the effects of shaving and how much does it hurts? Shaving is painless but it can cut the skin. Razor burns or post shave irritation is harmful for the skin. Make sure to use shaving creams or oil before removing the hair.

How long does it last, benefits and effects?

Shaving removes hair at the skin level; it usually grows within three days. Shaving is pain free but invest in a decent razor and creams for better results. Shaving leads to ingrown hairs and less smooth results. It makes your skin dry and rough.

Depilatory Cream

Depilatory creams dissolve in the hair. They are applied over the desired area, and left on few minutes to wipe off. Depilatories cream removes the hairs slightly below the skin level. However these creams lack in fineness, texture and smoothness. It can also cause irritation to your skin because of the chemicals and has an offensive odor.

How long does it last, benefits and effects?

It usually lasts for about a week because the hair is removed slightly under the skin level. However, Depilatories are slightly tingling but are painless. If you experience itching or burning sensation stop using the product.


The most painful option is waxing it removes hair from the root and lasts for longer time. This method works by applying wax which sticks to hairs. It is quickly pulls of the hair from the root level. The procedure is quick and waxed in a trivial amount of time. However hair needs to be quarter itch long while waxing. This means you have to wait for some hair to grow before waxing.

How long does it last, benefits and effects?

Waxing is pulling of the hair it is painful. There are some tips to get rid of the pain. However, if you rely on waxing hair will become fine, making it smooth and beautiful. It usually takes six weeks for hair growth.


Sugaring is similar to waxing. It contains sugar paste or gel to remove hair. It works depending on the type of the gel applied used for removing the hair. This pulls the hair out by the root. It’s easy to make at home has the medium is natural.

How long does it last, benefits and effects?

Like waxing, there will be some pain; the hair will be pulled out. However, unlike wax it won’t stick to the skin it is reportedly less painful than waxing. It kind of keeps the skin soft, healthy and even it usually takes about six weeks for the hairs to grow back.


Laser hair removal destroys the roots with light. It is a permanent treatment used to reduce the amount of hair and males it lighter. Laser detects pigmentation it works the best on lighter skin. This means it won’t remove blonde hair effectively it can burn darker skin. Laser treatment takes 12 sessions to witness the results.

How long does it last, benefits and effects?

The pain of laser hair removal is compared to a rubber band being snapped against the skin. How much it hurts depends on the pain threshold. If the number of initial sessions are completed it might takes every six to 12 months for touchups.

What are the side effects of these hair removal methods?

Skin irritation and bruises are common side effects of hair removal. Shaving can cause cuts and lead to ingrown hairs. Removing hair can be hurtful, especially if lots of hairs are removed. Using hot wax can burn your skin. Chemicals can cause bad smell and cause allergic skin reactions.

Electrolysis hurts some people can cause scars. The colour of the hair changes after the removal. Laser and other methods can cause skin irritation, burning and infections.

What is the best method to remove unwanted hair?

The right way to get rid of the hair is not through the pain or side effects. Most of the hair removal methods are not permanent. Hair removal treatments are usually done to look better. There different ways to get rid of the unwanted hair to decide which is best for you.

Shaving legs, underarms or removing any hair is still pain free. But, if you don’t invest on right removal products and treatment you’ll end up with ingrown hairs, and makes the skin appear less smooth. There are many products in the market Stop Grow™ helps people to reduce the unwanted body hair and Stop Grow™, is a natural inhibitor that discourages body hair before even it appears.

It interrupts and phases the body hair, thin out the hair growth. It reduces the length of body hair and decreases the need for shave or wax. Stop Grow™ can reduce the body hair up to 69%. It reduces hair growth on any part of their body, face, arms, back or private sector. It is especially designed to:

  • Interrupt the anlagen phase of body hair
  • Thin out existing growth
  • Reduce length of body hair
  • Decrease the need to wax or shave

Both men and women aged 21+ want to shave and wax less and have more of hair free physique Stop Grow is the product.

Why do I have too much facial hair?

Everyone has facial hair. In most of the women it doesn’t show up. Some women have thicker and visible hair on upper lip or chin. Some medical reasons also cause facial hair to grow. If the hair grows unevenly you should see your doctor. Usually it won’t cause big problems.

Also get instant fairness product like Illuminatural 6i™ by Skinception™ is formulated with harmless chemicals and ingredients to lighten the skin and resolve the problems of moles, freckles birth marks age spot, acne scars, dryness and much more.

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