What is Organic Food and its health benefits?

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21 Nov, 2017
Organic Food and its health benefits
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If you want more of good stuff go organic. Why and for what organic food? Firstly organic is related to a pure form of farm-based production.

There is no use of pesticides or any form of synthetic fertilizers or genetically modified organism.

Not just this animals that produce eggs, dairy products and meat do not take growth hormones or antibiotics.

Organic food comes from the trusted sources. It means higher levels of animal welfarism followed by lower levels of pesticides and no artificial fertilizers.

They are more sustainable and eco-friendly. Whatever you buy from cotton buds to carrots your products promote better health.

The movement of organic food began during 1940’s in response to Green revolution. The green revolution marked a significant increase in food production with the better management techniques.

This was the exact phrase when the importance of organic food lifted.

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According to a study about ‘800 million people suffer from hunger worldwide it’s said that if conventional farming was replaced by organic farming the number would explode to 1.3 billion assuming the same amount of land used by farmers still now’’. As Quoted in Nutrition and health: a distinction without difference by Folorunsho Mejabi

How food is grown and cultivation has a major impact on mental and emotional health and the environment. Organic food is beneficial they contain nutrients, such as antioxidants and conventionally grown.

People with allergies to foods, preservatives, and chemicals are lessen proven to these symptoms or go away when they eat organic foods.

Organic products contain lesser pesticides chemicals like fungicides and insecticides which are widely used in non-organic cultivation.

This is a harmful and unnatural farm of a mineral compound that affects the human body drastically. It can lead to problems such as autism and ADHD.

Practically organic food is healthy and unaffected by toxins. Developing good food habits by adapting Organic Food Lifestyle is good idea!

Organic food is too good for your heart!

An increased form of animal grazing on grass increases the amount of Conjugated Linoleic Acid found in animal products.

CLA is a healthy heart fatty acid that can boost cardiovascular protection and increases the quantities of breast milk.

CLA is found in many food products such as milk, cheese and richest in meat. In organic farming cows and animals are typically fed on natural grass which increases CLA.

Boosts Immune system!

Recently, genetically modification has increased, sounding like the only option to solve some world hunger issue but the other side of the story is different. Genetic modification has long-term effects on human health.

This can harm the immune system and increase in birth mortality can happen.

Sexual dysfunctions, cancer, and allergies are common for sure. Organic food advocates the issue easily as they are more naturally grown products. They are less proven to these forms of technical developments.

Antibiotic resistance!

People are taking precautions in order to remain healthy. People injecting antibiotics regularly can make them ill. However, non-organic food sources use antibiotics to feed their animals.

An extra dose of antibiotics can weaken the immune system due to the overdose of antibiotics. Reshaping the immune system many times can defend the system itself.

Organic products are more of natural producers and don’t use antibiotics.

Feeding antibiotics to livestock can increase the number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can cause diseases in humans.

Yet, no one is able to say how quickly they can damage the human system. Organic food contains more nutrients!

Organically grown food is more nutritious. The variation in food production is difficult to conclude. However, researchers have found that organic food consists of higher levels of micro-nutrients including vitamin c, zinc, and iron.

It’s found that berries and corn grown organically contain 58% more antioxidants and more of vitamin c than the non-organic berries and corns. ‘Switching to organic milk and meat would improve the intakes of important nutrients’ says Chris seal professor of food and human health from Newcastle University.

In fact Omega 3s are linked to neurological development and functions, preventing cardiovascular diseases and improve immune function.

Improved energy levels!

Organic food has the ability to amplify the energy levels. From the moment you get up from the bed, your metabolism will be operating at a high rate due to the energy levels.

This can benefit in many ways it can reduce the levels of toxins.

Healthy weight loss is possible due to detoxification; boosted immune system keeps you healthy. The more nutrient fortified in the body creates healthier and revitalized.

Your hormone levels are more balanced it provides effective sleep patterns.

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Overall organic food is not prepared with chemicals, it does not contain any harmful chemical and chances of negative effects on human body.

Natural fertilizers and chemical free products are safer.

Who would love to consume side effects or unhealthy food? In fact organic food is more fresh and safe to consume.

It’s easy to get caught up in minutiae health concern. Do a self research and make organic a priority.

Eating organic food does lots of positive things for your body. Eating chemical free food keeps you healthy.

In fact, ingesting healthy food is better than toxic junk.


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