Kannada Movie Villains Anil & Uday die in Mastigudi climax for real

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09 Nov, 2016
Mastigudi Climax Shooting-two-stunt-artist-die
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Image from Mastigudi Climax Shooting Public TV News Clip

Meaningless and pointless stunt killed 2 budding actors Anil and Uday in Mastigudi climax shooting. How can a renowned stunt director like Ravi Verma say action without taking any precautionary measures? Any action stunts are risky, action sequences performed in reel i.e. in movies need to be planned well before execution. An action director should study the surrounding area, measure the water depth and make necessary escape plans if any unwanted risk arises.

Watching this distress and tragic action sequence shot for Mastigudi by Anil and Uday sinking Live on recording into the thippagondanahalli reservoir was shocking and painful. Hard working and upcoming actors who were making their mark in negative shades lost their life because of careless stunt direction went horribly wrong. Looking at the recording clearly shows there were no professional rescuers hired before shooting such risky action sequence of two the actors Anil and Uday along with Mastigudi film Hero Duniya vijay jumping from helicopter from a height of approximately 100 ft into thippagondanahalli reservoir.

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Viewers I have looked at various videos from different news channels and have selected 2 video one before the start of this tragic action sequence was shot for all you viewer to decide how careless and unplanned action sequence that went wrong.

Check out this video from Public TV what kind of statement or exaggeration this movie Mastigudi director Nagashekar makes for show off – “Today’s action sequence will be thrilling as it would be life and death sequence” maybe it was for this brainless director and a tragic live death sequence shot on camera of those budding actors Anil and Uday who lost their valuable lives. In the same video both these actors claim they were not well versed swimmers.

The End of Action sequence Mastigudi

What do you think of such careless action sequence direction?

This was just a careless action sequence of direction?

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