Is odd & even policy only solution for Delhi’s air pollution?

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14 Nov, 2017
Is odd & even policy only solution for Delhi’s air pollution?
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Delhi has continued to fight toxic air as the level of pollutants were in severe condition. With this, the NGT said that odd-even system has to be implemented every time the pollution drifted in the emergency category but how effective and practical is the odd & even policy?

Will the system of odd & even have an impact on pollution in the capital? Yet the NGT has asked to substitute for meaningful action on Delhi’s environment. Should the government consider the move there are other things that government can and must do?

Dust flying from construction sites and open spaces contribute to a large amount of pollution. While this issue is settled, there is no way from the fact that cars, two-wheelers, commercial vehicles are a major source of pollution. What are the best alternatives for the pollution?

In one way government and voluntary squads have to educate people not to burn trash. As the sky is often darkened with smog over the last week, smoke increases from the trash burning. Nonetheless, construction sites must control dust through enclosures and water sprinklers. Industrial growth can’t go hand in hand with the environment it requires better alternatives and solutions.

Odd & even isn’t a solution until and unless the capacity of public transport goes up. People driving to work are part of the economy. If they had convenient options and more sustainable public transport people would use them.

More environmentally sustainable policies have to be initiated. Construction, industry, garbage disposable management, and automobile policies have to be revised. The government of Delhi should fund the setting up biodigesters that pay a farmers price for crop residue and other biomass converters
Set up real-time pollution monitoring system with the sensors.

Delhi doesn’t require bans, solutions must be explored to end the practice of burning in Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi. More practical alternatives have to be implemented not just in Delhi every state has to implement sustainable solutions for the better environment.

The odd & even plan should be implemented but as part of a larger scheme for urban mobility and not considered as the only cure for air pollution.

Do you have solution to Delhi’s air pollution?

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